Forbes Magazine Top Most Powerful Athletes List – Snubs Pacquiao

Forbes Magazine have listed the top most powerful athletes in their opinion and in this order:

1) Tiger Woods (who has had his worst year ever)

2) LeBron James (who lost most of his fanbase when he ran to Miami)

3) Kobe Bryant (Lakers are out of the playoffs)

4) Roger Federer

5) David Beckham (has not been among the best  players in at least fives years)

6) Phil Mickelson

7) Cristiano Ronaldo (didn’t Real Madrid just lose to Barcelona?)

8 )  Rafael Nadal

9) Alex Rodriguez (a  person who tops the top 10 ‘worse contracts ever’ list – A-Rod got a 10-year, $252 million contract Texas Rangers)

10) Tom Brady

That was their list, as you can see some very questionable picks there.

Manny Pacquiao in actions

Manny Pacquioa going after Shane Mosley

Even if you’re a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fan , you have to ask yourself,  how did they leave someone like Manny Pacquiao out of that list? Pacquiao sells millions in PPV, has a whole nation behind him and has changed the sport of boxing by bringing in lots of new fans.

Which athletes would you put in your top ten list?