Former Sparring Partner of Both Povetkin and Klitschko, Says Would Bet On Wladimir

According to a recent article, the former sparring partner of both Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin, Malik Scott, has stated that if he were to place a bet on their upcoming fight, he would put his money on Klitschko rather than Povetkin.

“I worked in the ring with both guys. Povetkin – strong guy and his looks are deceiving. But if I had to bet, than I would bet on Wladimir,” said Scott.

Aside from an army of Russian patriotic boxing fans, I think that most would agree that betting against Klitschko in this fight is not a safe bet.

Povetkin has been talked about as being one of the top challengers to Wladimir, rightfully. He has a great record with 26 wins and 0 losses, and comes to fight. The problem for Povetkin is that he is used to fighting back as well, where him and his opponent periodically get into standstill exchanges, which is something Wladimir simply doesn’t do.

The challenge for Povekin will be identical to that of all the other fallen opponents of Wladimir’s, and that is getting past that long thundering jab. Klitschko has mastered his jab along with fighting off the back foot. Lunging in will only set up Povetkin for Wlad’s right hand, thus his only chance should be getting past the jab via upper body movement. This ladies and gentlemen, I have not see Alexander do in his fights.

Come October 5th, the two will finally, after years of speculations, accusations, and aversions, step inside the ring and face each other in Moscow.


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