Frank Warren Threatens To Sue Mike Tyson Over “Undisputed Truth” Statements

In an effort to take the huge load of shame and self-hate off his shoulders, and finally come clean about his career and life as the most feared fighter of his time, Mike Tyson may have set himself up for more drama and court appearances.

Mike Tyson’s new book titled The Undisputed Truth, talks about Iron Mike’s drug addiction before, after, and during some of his boxing fights. Apparently Mike used a fake penis filled with someone else’s urine to pass the drug tests.

This information has Frank Warren looking to make some money off the former world boxing sensation, suggesting a possible lawsuit:

“I haven’t seen the book yet, but once I get a copy of it, our solicitors are looking at that, and other things in the book. We will wait and see, but it is obviously very concerning, and if it is the case we’ll be putting that to our lawyers,” stated Warren according to a recent ESPN piece.

It is true that Tyson could have opened a very large can of worms, affecting other people, and possibly setting himself up for a very turbulent future. Still, most have begun getting used to, and enjoying the new calmer, nicer, and certainly very entertaining Mike Tyson.

It would be a shame if this book forces actions that could once again drive Iron Mike to partake in life threatening addictions.

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