Freddie Roach & Alex Ariza Talk Pacquiao vs Martinez
March 22, 2011 Boxing News

In this EsNewsReporting video our guy Tonton PapaTV in the Philippines talks to Freddy Roach and Alex Ariza . The two are in the country right now as Manny Pacquiao gets ready for his fight against Surgar Shane Mosley on May 7th.



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  1. Freddies answer to the question will there be a fight between Manny and Sergio was proof enough for me to belive the Martinez vs Pacquiao ain,t gonna happen for Martinez to come down to 147ilbs is crazy for him hes 36yrd old that would hurt him physically no matter what any experts say Martinez a middlweight and hes said he would be willing to go down to 154lbs i am sure he understands any lower would be hamfull to him so we can nix a fight between them 2. but now a Mayweather VS Martinez fight is more realistic for Martinez at 156-or 160

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