Freddie Roach Doesn’t Want A Tune-Up For Manny, Would Rather Get To The Fifth Fight Right Away

It appears that Manny Pacquiao’s legendary trainer Freddie Roach is not happy with the possibility of an April tune-up fight for his star pupil. As most of you know,  Top Rank’s Bob Arum had suggested that Paquiao and Marquz fight on the same car sometime in April, tune-up fights as he proposed, before meeting for the fifth time in September.

Most boxing fans and columnists agree that aside from that benefit of earning an extra paycheck for Arum, this would be a terrible idea for both fighters. Aside from the possibility of losing their fights, both men would have to push their bodies to yet another limit, and as age and physiology goes, there is risk in that as well.

Freddie Roach had the following to say on this subject in recent interview with FightHub TV:

“They’re talking about an April fight… with him and Marquez on the show together against different opponents, and then a rematch in September. That’s being negotiated right now. The thing is, I don’t really want the tune-up fight. I would rather just go straight into the fifth fight. I don’t think a guy of Pacquiao’s level needs a tune-up fight. Thing is, he’s going to get right back on the horse. The first thing he said to me after the fight was, ‘We need to do it one more time,’” stated Roach.


I happen to agree with Roach that neither Pacquiao nor Marquez require any fights in-between. Both are top level professionals, and I think that both are financially stable without the need of another unnecessarily risky payday.

We know that Pacquiao wants this fight, and I believe that Marquez does as well. So what is the point of wasting precious time?

If both fighters want to fight sooner than September, that’s fine, make it so. As long as they have the proper amount of time to prepare for the bout, there is no better time to sell the fight, as it will sell itself better than any of the previous ones.

“The number five is going to be the biggest seller ever in boxing,” Roach added.


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