Freddie Roach: “I told him that I think he should come back around September and he agreed with me.”
December 24, 2012 Boxing History

It appears as though Manny Pacquiao has decided to listen to Freddie Roach and is taking time off from boxing until September of 2013.

“April is too soon after a knockout like that. We spoke about his next fight. I told him that I think he should come back around September and he agreed with me,” stated Freddie Roach in a recent interview.

When that time comes, I have a feeling that he will once again meet his all time rival Juan Manuel Marquez for the fifth time. While we all know that Marquez’s wife does not want him to fight again, he will. Marquez is a fighter, a breed of a man that born for boxing, and it is the only thing that his heart knows. With a tremendous paycheck attached to the challenge and the love of the sport, Marquez will cross those ropes again.

“The way I look at it, I don’t see doing it before September because with the election in May you can’t do a June fight. I don’t want to do a summer fight, and so September is the best possible day. And because Marquez is Mexican, we can do it on Mexican Independence weekend (mid-September),” said Bob Arum.

Looks like Arum is convinced that Marquez and Manny are going to be each other’s nightmare once again, and is talking about the fight (date, location) as if it’s already being negotiated.

I assume that fighting Marquez is now Pacquiao’s main priority, as he needs to put the knockout to rest by returning the favor. Even if the Mayweather Jr. fight had come up and was a viable option, still Pacquiao would pick Marquez, and this would be the right choice in my opinion.


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