Freddie Roach On Marquez’s Body: “If his body is natural, I will kiss his ass.”

Will Freddie Roach kiss Juan Manuel Marquez’s ass?

I’m sure that when you read that first line, you thought that I was either joking or simply being rude and disrespectful to Freddie Roach. In reality, this is not at all true, as it was Roach himself who proclaimed that he would do this if he is proven wrong.

“(Marquez) has gotten bigger and gained weight — it throws up a red flag. If (his body) is natural, I will kiss his ass,” said Roach in a recent interview with USA Today when discussing Marquez’s sudden increase in muscle mass.

Without much hesitation I would have to agree that it does indeed look very unusual, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say unnatural. When his pupil Manny Pacquiao was a victim of the same crime, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. started spreading the same rumors, both Freddie and Roach got very concerned, and Manny even ended up filing a defamation of character lawsuit against Floyd.

“I think it’s disrespectful when people start rumors like this. I’ve never done this type of work before in 18 years. I’ve been working specifically to gain more strength. Angel is a professional. Of course, I’m getting stronger and faster. As far as the steroids . . . my tests always have been (negative),” replied Marquez after the PED speculation started to take over.

I don’t know about you, but personally I cannot see Marquez as one of the fighters to ever use illegal substances. He is a hard worker and with proper nutritional drive, why couldn’t he gain muscle mass faster than some of us believe he should be?

As far as Angel “Memo” Hernandez goes, his strength and conditioning coach, Alex Ariza praised him and declared him a true professional:

 “Memo is brilliant — I don’t have any suspicions. When you get someone like that who knows the science of exercise and nutrition . . . well, we saw a whole different fighter when he fought Manny last time. It’s not because Nacho Beristain is teaching something new. It is because Memo now has Marquez’s confidence. He has done things to his body. He has taken a good fighter at 39 and completely evolved him. Now I’ve got a guy (Hernandez) teaching the science as well — we’re on an even plane. That’s my fear,” stated Ariza.

The game of Marquez vs. Pacquiao is now gaining more and more public attention, and with this, the icing has been placed on the very top of the cake. Despite the fact that Ariza refuses to be a puppet, the rest of the Team Pacquiao is probably on the same page as Freddie Roach. Maybe they have all forgotten how their own fighter suffered while going through the same rollercoaster of unproved accusations?

Come December 8, I don’t think that any of that will matter. The fighters will meet once again, and if anyone decides to protest anything after the fight s done, it will probably be looked at as simple bad blood between the fighters and their respective camps.

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