The Next British Superfight is Within Days of Being Announced

Carl Froch will face off against Olympic Gold medalist James DeGale in Britain’s next Superbout with January being seen as the most likely time & several of London’s major venues vying for the right to host another British boxing blockbuster. This was the message emerging from a 2 hour meeting with James DeGale‘s official advisor Ambrose Mendy on Monday in Central London.

DeGale’s style is all wrong for Froch” was a sentiment echoed by several boxing trainers & insiders with whom I subsequently spoke.

Duran vs Benn

Nigel Benn is a name forever associated with Ambrose Mendy & Britain’s last golden era. Image courtesy of Ambrose Mendy.

£4 million pounds is thought to be Froch’s take in what is being seen as a potential changing of the guard event in modern British boxing history by many boxing aficionados.

A message was also sent to Andre Ward by the man who guided Nigel Benn to global acclaim during Britain’s last golden era & retains a pound seat in what is shaping into a very dynamic & vibrate period for British boxing on the world stage. Indeed, Mendy is convinced that outside of casinos Britain is fast evolving into the fight capital of the world.

Ambrose is the proverbial one of a kind master marketer who has retained a strong interest in boxing alongside representing many of the world’s leading athletes in other disciplines. These include (but are by no means limited to): Linford Christie; John Barnes; Paul Ince; entire continental football confederations… all sandwiched into a career that habitually delivered decade defining fights to 15 million British fight fans during the Benn-Eubank-Watson era. It is impossible not to be in awe of his pedigree at marketing the glorious sport of boxing to an audience commensurate with its status as such.

In James DeGale Mendy has a client with unquestionable & proven world level talent & the potential to be the baton carrier for British fighters on the world stage in the decade ahead. Ambrose is beyond confident that DeGale has Froch’s number – to the point of mapping out a first defense in May against one of a short list of two fighters. Many boxing experts & insiders believe he has reason for such optimism.

Froch is a great reader of feet & footwork – but how do you read the feet of the most natural switch hitter in living memory – so natural a switch hitter he doesn’t even know how or exactly when he’s doing it himself? I see Froch chasing shadows for as long as the fight goes. James is the #1 southpaw at 168lbs in the world – bar none & within the top 6 from the orthodox stance – that’s an incredible amount of versatility. Ambrose Mendy

More pending as this story breaks.

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton