Froch vs Groves 2: Preview & Predictions

Froch Looks To Cement Legacy With Second Big Win Over Live Contender Groves

The people who think I’m going to get beaten don’t think it’s because George Groves is fantastic, it’s because they think I’m over the hill.Carl Froch

The funny thing is, so many different people have told me how to beat Carl in so many different ways. It’s like: ‘Who do I believe and which one do I pick?’” George Groves

Union Jack

Froch v Groves is the proverbial Battle of Britain.


Ben Doughty: Groves

Nigel Benn: Groves

Colin Nathan: Froch

Brendon Krause: Froch

Peter Broderick : Groves

Phil Lyndsay: Groves

Chris Walker: Groves

Michael Nashed: Froch

Nelson Stanley: Groves

Zdravko Petrov: Froch

Jon Briggs: Froch

Tom McQueen: Groves

Phil Anderson: Froch

Martin Supple: Groves

Danny Wright: Froch

Marc Stockings: Froch

Matt Gipon: Groves

James Bairstow: Groves

Oliver Fennell: Froch

Will Hale: Froch

Altaf Mubarik: Groves

Aggregate: Froch 11 Groves 11(including MH’s)

Matt Hamilton’s Prediction: Froch 10th Round KO

1) Carl Froch is 36 years old. George Groves is 26 years old. Froch has fought 240 rounds as a professional in 12 years 2 months & 15 days. George Groves has fought 104 rounds as a professional in 5 years 6 months & 16 days. By way of reference Chris Eubank passed the 240 round mark vs. Ray Close in 1993 whilst Nigel Benn never did (fighting only 237 rounds in his entire career). Steve Collins went over 240 rounds in his second fight with Eubank – having two wins vs. Nigel Benn still in his bag of tricks to come. Joe Calzaghe went through this mileage on his odometer vs. Bernard Hopkins. I think Froch is a relatively well preserved 36 & we won’t see a deterioration of skills (chin, toughness) he relied on earlier in his career at any great rate.

2) Groves threw 50 punches in the first round of their first fight. 38 in Round 2. 36 in Round 3 (swelling becomes apparent under left eye & is treated with end-swell at end of the round). 24 in Round 4. 37 in Round 5. 48 in Round 6. 32 in Round 7. 39 in Round 8. 18 in Round 9 (1:32 into the Round when it was stopped – rate of  35 for the full round). 322 punches thrown in 8 rounds, 1 minute & 32 seconds. Froch threw 46 in Round 1. 53 in Round 2. 59 in Round 3. 39 in Round 4. 51 in Round 5. 73 in Round 6. 47 in Round 7. 70 in Round 8. 49 in Round 9 (1:32 into the Round when it was stopped – rate of  96 for the full round). 487 punches thrown in 8 rounds, 1 minute & 32 seconds. Whilst Groves was far more accurate (especially with the jab) I view these numbers as indicative of the result of a gradual wearing down of Groves’ energy stores vs. a more savvy fighter with enough left in the engine to step on the gas at opportune moments. 

3) Despite the fact that I view George Groves as the superior boxer with substantially better fundamentals I lean somewhat decidedly toward Carl Froch. If you look at the first bout I think a hugely overlooked aspect was quite how badly Groves’ natural punch resistance fared against Froch’s power on the relatively few times he was tagged. He was marked up as early as the third round & retrospectively I think he was looking for a second wind as early as the 5th or 6th round. Groves has only gone 12 rounds twice – against a 400 year old Glenn Johnson & then in what I felt was a clear losing effort against James DeGale – I’m inclined to thus agree with Carl’s assertion that Groves isn’t (or to my mind, at least, thus far proven himself to be) a 12 round fighter. I don’t see the judges (should they be needed) doing Groves any favours, certainly not to the scale of his frankly gifted decision vs. DeGale & am thus left fancying Froch for the win – be it by mid to late round stoppage again or by unanimous decision. Gun to my head, I have it as a Froch KO win in the 10th.


Froch A+

Groves C-

Defensive Acumen

Froch E+

Groves B


Froch B+

Groves C+


Froch D-

Groves B+

Ring Intelligence

Froch B

Groves B-

Physical Dimensions 


Froch 75”

Groves 72”


Froch 6’1

Groves 5’11.5

Amateur Record 

Froch 88-8

Groves 66-10

Turned Pro Aged

Froch 24 years 8 months

Groves 20 years 10 months

Wins vs. Winning Records

Froch 26 of 32

Groves 12 of 19

Wins against Fighters who won their previous bout

Froch 20 of 32

Groves 14 of 19

Hamilton Accomplishment Score

Froch υ77.1

Groves υ31.9

Bet365 are offering Froch at 8/13 & Groves is available at 13/10. Froch is on offer at 11/8 for the win by way of Knockout, TKO or Disqualification.

I’m not sure George will ever be a world champion. I don’t think he’s a 12-round fighter and that’s because he’s a light-heavyweight doing super-middle. He has the skills but on top of the weight issue I don’t think he is genetically cut out for this sport at the top level. I don’t think he is tough enough. I didn’t hit him with that many shots in the first fight and he fell apart, regardless of what he wants to tell you. He fell apart when I hit him round the body and the head. In pro boxing there are a couple of ingredients you need to be a world champion. George Groves isn’t tough enough, he’s fragile. Genetically, I don’t think he is cut out for world-class boxing.Carl Froch

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Matt Hamilton