Epic Clash for the Ages as Froch Controversially Survives Sensational Saint Groves in Manchester

Instant Classic As Froch Wins Game of Thrones But Rematch Looms Large

There are losses that catapult participants through their material nature into the elite – they’re certainly not an everyday occurrence but the much awaited (in the UK anyway) clash between Carl Froch & George Groves frankly saw no losers – bar a referee who left to chants of “the referee’s a wanker” from Manchester’s Phones4u Arena.

George Groves put on the sort of performance that will make believers out of sceptics & rabid zealots out of former mere admirers. Groves has a gentleman’s agreement on a rematch – which, as the challenger & a petulant, childish & disrespectful one at that during the build-up to this instant classic, shows just what a special display he put on under Manchester’s sold out lights.

Froch insisted: ‘It was a fair stoppage. I hit him with two big shots and had more in me. One more could have caused serious damage. We put on a great fight and George has my respect after this.

The vast majority of those in attendance disagreed. Howard Foster made a stoppage that will be viewed with derision & even disgust by a large proportion of the United Kingdom’s boxing fraternity. Boxing fans on Facebook were unmistakeable in their disillusionment – “that stoppage was horseshit”  said Kelly Turner; “The crowd and everyone watching knows who the better man is now” claimed Peter Dass whilst David Harrington felt it was a very bad stoppage, didn’t even give Groves a chance ref took the first chance he got and saved Carl. We were all robbeds of a true result, a natural ending. Both fighters in a sense won but it was another controversial boxing moment.Richard Price was of the opinion that the stoppage wasPremature although the tide was turning and Froch would have stopped him anyway.”

Froch was knocked down in the 1st round & Groves had him in serious bother as the crowd were witness to the unimaginable happening – the 25 year old “pretender” bested the respected, seasoned, multiple-time world champion in every facet – he was faster, stronger, smarter & seemingly unable to miss with his right.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting