Froch vs Kessler Rd By Rd

Rd by Rd Froch vs Kessler.

Froch walks into ring to Guns n Roses ‘welcome to the jungle’ fans go wild.
Kessler now in ring.

Rd 1 Kessler lands left hook. Froch coming forwards. Froch jabbs. Kessler lands jab. froch fighting with hands down. froch letting hands go kessler still coming. kessler lands good body shot. rd to froch

Rd 2 both start rd fast. kessler lands another body shot. froch jabbing. Froch lands a good solid one. Rd 2 to froch.

Rd 3 Froch starts with his jab. kessler trying to jab. kessler lands a left. Froch lands good body shot. rd 3 Froch.

Rd 4 Froch very active. lands a good punch. kessler lands hard left hook. froch keeps coming. kesler ends rd well. rd 4 kessler.

Rd 5 kessler moves forward landfs 2 jabs. Big left by kessler. froch lands body shot. now froch moves forward. rd 5 kessler landed more shots.

Rd 6 Kessler lands a low blow. reff stops fight. fight back on kessler lands a big right hand and left hook. kessler with another left hook. froch answers.
rd 6 to kessler.

Rd 7 Froch starts with his jab. both land left hooks at same time. both land jabs at same time. froch lands lands a body shot and right hanrd. rd ends strong. rd to froch.

Rd 8 froch starts srong lands left. Kessler answers. fans go wild. right by froch. right by kessler. i got this rd 10-10

Rd 9 both land jabbs. big left by froch. big left by kessler. froch lands body shot. froch moves forward kessler moves back. rd to froch.

Rd 10 froch jabs. kessler lands big left froch takes it well. Froch moves forward. kessler lands a right hard. Rd 10 to forch

Rd 11 froch starts with jab. kessler goes to body. kessler hurt froch. lands a combo. froch is cut. froch comes back. rd to kessler.

Rd 12 all froch he gets rd and win.

Rd 12 Froch starts with his jab. kessler trying to make something happen.