Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler: O2 Hosts Stanza Two

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton Ree-porting from London!

Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler

For a man who earns his living in the ring, the Dane, who has a WBA version of the 12-stone title, seems to be in the grip of a permanent and disarming smile, as if he knows something the rest of us do not. Kessler, the most courteous of men, is either very happy or very nervous, perhaps a mixture of both, because, as much as he enjoys what he does, he is aware that the O2 Arena in Greenwich could turn into a pitiless and lonely place if the fight goes against him when they dispute their respective super-middleweight belts.

Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian

“He’s brilliant at what he does, a very, very good fighter. But he’s in for a shock. I am absolutely sparking. This is going to be one hell of a fight, a battle between two warriors, simple as that.”

Carl Froch on Mikkel Kessler 

“I said to him I’m 10 times better than last time. He said he didn’t want to kill me – and I’m happy about that.”

Mikkel Kessler on Carl Froch

Andre Ward, who has beat both men, is in London working as a color commentator for Sky Box Office (the first pay-per-view boxing event in the British Isles since November 2010), and the undisputed 168lb kingpin fancies Froch for the win.

Carl Froch has been in some tough fights but he has more in the tank. Kessler has dipped a little bit since he and I fought, and even since he fought Froch the first time.

Kessler’s promoter Kalle Sauerland: “If he wins or loses, if it is a great fight, we could do it again. Why not? If he gets knocked out, I will definitely tell him to quit.

Froch told BBC Sport; “Unless you break my back and I can’t walk, there’s no reason to pull out of a fight. That’s why I’m still fighting, because I’ve still got that desire.

The Cobra’s trainer Rob McCracken; “All top fighters make a decision at some point. Am I going to lay it on the line every time or am I going to keep a bit back and duck and dive? Froch lays it on the line every time and that’s why people love him. And it will be no different against Kessler on Saturday. Carl cares about the sport; it matters to him what people think of him as a fighter. He’s trained as hard for this fight, thought about it more. And it means more to him than when he was fighting for a few grand at York Hall when he first turned professional all those years ago.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting UK

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