Gamboa Beats Farenas

Rd 1 farinas gets rd 1

Rd 2 gamboa drops farenans wins rd

Rd 3 gamboa starts strong farenas tries to answer. farenas is bleeding from above both eyes. rd 3 gamboa

Rd 4 farenas trying to make things happen. lands some good shots. gamboa taking the hits. Gamboa gets rd

Rd 5 Both fighters exchange hard shots. farenas still bleeding. gamboa gets rd

Rd 6 Gamboa picking his shots. Farenas lands big shot with just under a min left. gamboa looking to land the big punch. Farenas tries to land some big shots. rd 6 farenas.

Rd 7 Gamboa starting strong. Farenas knee touches canvas gets count. farenas lands a shot. gamboa still stands.

Rd 8 Farenas is tough gamboa lands a shot. Farenas swings and misses. rd to gamboa

Rd 9 Gamboa works farenas and gets caught. Gamboa is hurt  but still standing. rd to farenas.

Rd 10 Gamboa back in control of fight. farenas lands a left. Gamboa lands good hook. rd to gamboa

Rd 11 Farenas tries to land. Gamboa lands a good right hand. Gamboa lands a hook. rd to gamboa.

Rd 12 Gamboa is in top shape. now gamboa is cut over left eye. farenas has two cut eyes.

Gamboa wins