Garcia Beats Judah In 12 UD

Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah rd by rd

Both fighters in ring sellout crowd. electricity in air. fans boo danny garcia.

Rd 1 both fighters feeling eachotehr out. zab throwing his jab. fans yelling judah. now fans yelling danny. danny lands a shot. rd 1 garcia

rd 2 danny left eye a bit read already. dannt going for body. danny lands body shot. judah lands jab. danny lnads two good ones. zab lands a good one. rd to zab.

Rd 3 zab working the jab. garcia lands body shot. zab lands body shot. big shot by zab. danny lands goos shots. rd to garcia.

Rd 4 zab using his jab. zab lands body shot. danny lands a hook. danny lands another hook. Rd to garcia

Rd 5 both fighters lands shots. zab maybe hurt but is still standing. zab still up. rd to garcia.

Rd 6 danny lands big shot judah hurt. zab lands shot. fans yell danny. danny doing work. rd to garcia.

Rd  7 ZAB TRYING TO USE JAB, danny trys body shot. good rd for judah. rd to judah

Rd 8 danny lands judah lands. fans cheer for judah. big shot by judha danny drops judah. rd to garcia.

Rd 9 zab lands big shots. danny lands double jab. zab lands more big shots. rd to judah

rd 10 danny starts with big show. zab lands big shot. zablands another huge shots. rd to judah

fans go wild

rd 11  both fighters starting slow. zab lands shot. zab needs to get his show tied. rd to judah

Rd 12 danny lands big shot. zab lands body shot. fighters bump heads. fight back on. zab lands big shoyts


fight ends both fighters hug