Garcia vs Salido GGG vs Rosado Recap

My fight night recap
By: Albert Alvarez
Martinez/Burgos- No need to tip toe around it at this time, I felt that Burgos beat Martinez by at least 2 rounds. My eyes also told me that we should not go out and blame the refs and especially boxing(as a lot of you like to do) just yet. I actually blame Burgos. As a fighter that is fighting away, you have got to be more assertive. I felt that Burgos won the majority of the rounds with periods, when fighting away, one should seek to close out the rounds with exclamation points.

Golovkin/Rosado- I’m going to get right to the point, Rosado lost last night because I believe that he fought the wrong game plan. The wrong fight was fought last night and it’s as simple as that. I had picked Rosado to win due to the fact that I thought that he would press the hunter and force him to fight in retreat to take away Golovkins power. For the 30 to 40 seconds that Rosado hunted Triple G, the fight was very different. During that short span, Golovkin was a sitting duck.
A lot of you out there may not think that it was a great idea to take on Triple G in the first place, especially when you had a barking dog on the porch. And many more felt that Rosado lost it when he chose to face his foe six pounds north of 154 pounds, but not I, I feel that it was a brilliant move. The reason as to why I feel that it was a very well thought out move on Rosado’s part is because Rosado pulled a Chad Dawson. Dawson is a champ at 175 and could have faced Cloud at 175 and would have been fine, but Dawson instead went after the complete package that is Andre Ward and did so by facing Ward at Ward’s weight of 168 pounds.
Dawson in turn was beaten down by Ward but as you can see, Dawson’s stock took no hit at all. Dawson has the card in his back pocket that he can pull out and say, ”listen, I lost to the best in a fight out of my weight class, I’m still the man to see at 175.” Rosado can do the very same here, he may have not been the best at 154, but he was on a hot streak coming into this one and now after Golovkin softened him up, Rosado now looks like something good to eat to other 154 pounders. Getting that HBO exposure also did not hurt one bit.
The opportunities will still be there in his weight class for Rosado. And let’s be real here, if Rosado had beaten Golovkin, it would have then placed him on the most avoided list faster than a New York minute. You must look at this as a blessing in a very bloody disguise. Myths will remain myths until you dare to be great and go out there to seek the truth. Golovkin so far is who they all said he was, but Rosado must be respected for digging deep to seek the truth by stepping up to the challenge.
Garcia/Salido- Should the fight have been stopped at the moment that it was stopped? That’s not for any of us to really say, after all, that is the reason as to why they have ring side doctors. The ring side doctors get paid the big bucks to make that call. I personally would have loved for the fighters to have been given one more round to go for it all to give them the opportunity to close out the show. But hey, I’m more Dr. J than Dr. Doogie Howser here. I’m trying to get to the rim from the other side. Besides, I’m known to inhale fish through a straw, don’t let any drop go to waste. Wink, Wink. Salido is a beast and was starting to force Garcia to the ropes to land his money punch, but Garcia is a silent killer that still had a lot of mustard on his punches. I’ll tell you this much, Gamboa is in a much safer place going after Bradley. Gamboa will be in a world of hurt if he walks towards Robert Garcia’s boys, Brandon Rios and Mikey Garcia would decapitate Gamboa.