Golden Boy Has Big Plans For Saul Alvarez

Winning his fight against Josesito Lopez is of great importance for Saul Alvarez, as it would instantly open many more woods that were closed before. He is already a big name in boxing at the age of 22, but imagine what would happen if Canelo keeps on the right track for another dozen fights? If he improves, he could already be a legend in the making.

In a recent The Boxing Lab radio show interview with Oscar De La Hoya, the Golden Boy said some very inspiring things about his young fighter:

“I would love to see him fight against Maravilla, Martinez for instance if he wins. I would love to see him against Floyd Mayweather. I would love to see him fight against Miguel Cotto. Absolutely. Hey, bring on Lara. Bring on the other guys. Canelo Alvarez is ready. Look, we have a plan for him and the kid is very ambitious and at 22 years old, there is no other fighter that has accomplished what he’s accomplished out side the ring and inside the ring. I sometimes have to slow him down,” stated an excited De La Hoya.

It’s evident that Golden Boy Promotions has very big future plans for their young gun, but despite the fact that he is only 22, if Oscar wants him to face the above mentioned competition, they better hurry up, as those fighters will not be sticking around for much longer while being in more or less prime shape. It would be of little value to Canelo if he fights over-the-hill competition, such as Shane Mosley.

While the perspective of making those fights is there, I happen to disagree with Oscar on the idea that Canleo is ready for either Mayweather Jr. or Miguel Cotto. A fight against Sergio Martinez sounds intriguing, but all of that depends on how Saul and Sergio do tomorrow night against their respective opponents.

I expect Alvarez to show a dominant performance, although I don’t think that a knockout will be occurring in his fight. Josesito is a raging bull inside the ring, but Canelo should be in good shape if he is able to keep him at arm’s length, which I believe he will be.

As far as Martinez goes, I expect a good fight, with Martinez sending young Julio to the floor at least once. Chavez Jr. is a good fighter, but I have not seen him prove that he is a superstar just yet. Martinez has good experience winning and losing, and I think that he will prove to be too much for Freddie Forach’s pupil.