Golovkin Highly Interested in Facing the Winner of Ward vs. Rodriguez
September 24, 2013 Boxing History

On November 2, 2013, Gennady Golovkin will face Curtis Stevens at the Madison Square Garden Theater, in New York.

Stevens has an average resume of 25 victories and 43 losses, thus a lot of boxing fans are dismissing this fight as nothing more than a filler bout, a time-wasting component of boxing promotion game.

Even Golovkin himself sees his bout against Stevens as nothing more than a regular bout of no real significance.

“This is just a regular fight. It’s good that he is a strong fighter, but for me, it’s just another bout,” stated Golovkin.

When asked about the possibility of facing Mayweather Jr., Golovkin seems uninterested, but did comment with more enthusiasm when the conversation shifted to Andre Ward:

“This is a great fight, and if of significant interest to me. I think that next year, I will be able to face the winner (of Ward vs. Rodriguez).

It’s no secret that Golovkin vs. Ward would be a tremendous fight with a very healthy monetary return to the promoters, as well as an impressive paycheck for both fighters. All are hoping that this will happen sooner rather than later, otherwise we will have to bare through more fights that do nothing but waste everyone’s time.


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