Golovkin Wants To Fight Martinez, Even In His Living Room

In a recent chat with his fans on HBO, when asked who Gennady Golovkin would like to fight at some point in time in the near future, his response was:

“Sergio Martinez, because he’s though of as being the best middleweight by many people. I’ll fight him anytime and anywhere. Even in his living room.”

I think that if he keep winning the way he has been, a fight against Martinez is very likely to happen. For Martinez, who is also running out of formidable opposition with a more-or-less solid name, fighting Golovkin might actually be the most optimal option.

Also, I think that the fight would sell better than most people think it would. It would most likely be a very competitive fight with both fighters throwing bombs throughout the rounds. If not Martinez, who knows, maybe a fight between Golovkin and Chavez Jr. would make more sense?


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