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August 4, 2011 Fan Corner

If you have a question for Elie Seckbach- here’s your chance to ask him. Leave a comment on this post and he’ll try to get to as many as possible.

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  1. Hey Elie, just wanna start off by saying I love watching all your vids they really help me out by keeping me updated with some of my favorite boxers, from brandon rios to ortiz to trainers such as robert & danny garcia & also entertaining as well.

    But my question is, if its not to much trouble can you PLEASE get me a signed glove from brandon rios & robert garcia? or anything signed from brandon & robert!

    I’m a huge boxing fan but never had a chance to actully meet or get a autograph from a boxer, & I love brandon’s rawness & how he isn’t scared to say his opinion, & plus hes an exciting/rising boxer & would really mean a lot to me for that autograph, I mean come on by the looks of your videos you go to their gym a lot & I don’t think it shouldn’t be to much to ask for!

    Keep doing what your doing, your videos are great, your information needs to be heard so do us boxing fans a favor & keep ‘reporting” lol.

    -matt. 🙂

  2. I know this is probably beating a dead horse, but I’ll ask you just the same. Question: Many people (including myself) thought you were being biased with your scoring on the Rios vs. Acosta bout, did you ever go back and watch the fight again to double- check your initial scoring? If so, were your scores the same or did you see a much closer fight the second time around?

  3. Does a fighter think they have an edge if he or she comes in first or second during their ring entrance? or is this just another boxing myth.

  4. Elie, I’m finishing my final year at university in England and wish to get into sports reporting. What advice would you give to somebody wanting to start out like myself, especially being able to get interviews with the big-name sports stars

  5. Hi Elie

    For all your Fans over in the England. Got any plans to come over to England to do some Reporting?

  6. Elie; which undercard of all the undercards you’ve ever seen completely surpassed your expectations? Like where you weren’t expecting much at all & the fight/s turned into fantastic events in and of themselves?

  7. i got two questions, hope you can answer, number 1 is you put out so many videos everyday, dont you ever feel like taking a vacation? you should take one bro your working too hard.

    number 2 how much money have you spent on gas, travelin gym to gym? about a million dollers lol =)

  8. Are you married or have a love interest?

  9. mayweather/pacquiao, break it down. who do you got? how do you see it going down?

  10. will you ever report about the lakers again? I’d appreciate it if you did, especially about the new players, but don’t worry i enjoy watching the boxing videos like the reality show, thank you.

  11. Does a fighter feel like they have an advantage if he or she comes out first or second during their entrance to the ring?…..thanks for the great vids!

  12. Elie how do u support pacman?…He does not have to agree to Mayweather’s demands…but he shouldnt have LIED and said he agreed last yr…Pac even went as far to say, “Fight me Floyd…Dont be scared…I am willing to test inbetween rounds”…Pac is not only a liar…but he is an actor…He turned allot of die hard Mayweather fans(including me) against Floyd when he lied and said he agreed….He lied cuz he is eighter ducking or using roids…I have reasons to believe he is ducking cuz if u look at his opponents, they are exact opposite from Floyd..They are coming off losses, or washed up, are drained…How can u support Pac after he did what he did..and How come everytime people interview Pac they avoid asking him real questions…You should ask Pac directly why he lied…dont ask him why he didnt take the test…ask him why he SAID he agreed when he really didnt

  13. Hey Elie, Whats up with you and Stella? Are you guys a couple? What happened to you being engaged?

  14. How did you get started doing this? Is it your full time job?

  15. Kimbo Slice, how will he do in boxing? Do you think there will ever be another major competitor to the UFC? How can I become a boxing reporter/journalist like you? And last but not least, what drug do you think De La Hoya is in rehab for? Thanks Elie, big fan.

  16. Elie if you ate yourself would you weigh twice are much or nothing at all? 🙂

  17. Kimbo Slice, how will he do in boxing? Do you think there will ever be another major competitor? How can I become a boxing reporter/journalist like you? And last but not least, what drug do you think De La Hoya is in rehab for? Thanks Elie, big fan.

  18. Ellie , do you ever travel outside the u.s?

  19. Hello elie first of i would just like to say your videos are awesome keep it up:)

    my question is about boxing its about the victor Ortiz vs maidana fight,i never watched the fight live but i seen the whole fight on YouTube and it was pretty brutal there were loads of knockdowns and these guys were giving it everything they got my question is that victor has matured a lot and has grown loads of experience so has maidana if these two were to fight each other again (which would be excellent) who do you think would win and why?

  20. Hey Ellie, what got you into reporting.

  21. Jonathan Garcia

    Do you make money off your videos? How do you get paid?

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