Hall of Fame

Youtube Most Viewed Sports Videos

Here then are the Hall of Fame most viewed of all of Elie’s Youtube uploads. We’ve also added the #1 most viewed Boxing video upload. Enjoy.


  1. The UFC’s Jay Silva with over 1.9 million views.
  2. Kobe Crazy Half Court Shot with over 1.75 million views to date.
  3. The timeless debate: Kobe vs. Lebron with 1.66 million views and counting.
  4. Who is Kobe Bryant? The Black Mamba! sitting pretty on 1.57 million views.
  5. Shaq Drops Yo Mama Jokes with 1.32 million views.
  6. Inside Kobe Bryant’s home on 990,000 views.

Boxing Videos

1. Manny Pacquiao on Oscar de la Hoya with 683,000 views to date.

Gene Tunney Harry Gleb

The tale of the Youtube tape