Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not of Boxing: Mad Dogs and Englishmen Edition

Wide World of Boxing Drama

  • The WBO twice moved boxer Darrin Morris up in its 168lb rankings in 2001, this despite the fact that he was dead. He went from #7 at the time of his death to #5 when the error was picked up on. A spokesman for sanctioning body said, “We obviously missed the fact that Darrin was dead. It is regrettable.
  • Diego Corrales was raised in the Oak Park section of Sacramento & become a gang member as a teenager. Corrales witnessed his best friend die after a drive-by shooting indecent.
  • Nigel Benn hailed from a talented family, his cousin, Paul Ince, captained the England soccer team & would often walk Benn to the ring for his fights in the United Kingdom. As a player Ince played for Manchester United and Liverpool, as well as Italian giants Inter Milan. Ince was the first black player to captain the England team and went on to become the first black Briton to manage a team in the English Premier League. In 2011, Ince disturbed many when he posted on Twitter “u ain’t lived til u spent a whole bank holiday monday in nuthin but ur Help For Heroes boxers anonymously sexting ur mum on a stolen iPhone.
  • Julio Cesar Chavez & Oscar De La Hoya sparred way back in 1990. Chavez noted: “I sparred with him and dropped him in the second round with a right hand. De la Hoya was a kid… that day after training he stayed and we went out to dinner, I gave him some $300-$400 from my pocket to help him out.”
  • Chris Eubank was arrested in 2003 whilst driving around Parliament Square, Westminster, in his truck, which brandished the message “TONY BLAIR! MILITARY OCCUPATION CAUSES TERRORISM“. He managed to encircle the square several times being being nicked.  Then in 2007, Eubank was again arrested for a breach of the peace for driving his truck through London, with a banner that read “BLAIR – Don’t send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war, to make it look plausible!” Later that same year he was charged with making an illegal protest after parking his truck outside the 10 Downing Street residence of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
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