Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not Of Boxing: August 2013

Boxing’s Believe it or Not

The 1st mouth piece was used in 1915 in a professional fight between Ted “Kid” Lewis and Jack Britton.

In 1926 every boxing world champion was American.

At seven feet tall and 328 lbs., Nikolai Valuev is the tallest and the heaviest fighter to ever hold a professional world title.

Former heavyweight champion Max Baer’s son Max Baer Jr., played country bumpkin Jethro Bodine on the 60’s hit TV show The Beverly Hillbillies.

Sam Langford fought Harry Wills 17 times as a professional.

The first professional boxing fight broadcast over the radio was Jack Dempsey vs. Jess Willard in 1919.

The first televised fight was Benny Leonard vs. Mickey Walker in 1931.

Sonny Liston and Floyd Patterson earned the first million dollar paydays when Liston KO’d Patterson back in 1963.

The world’s first ever boxing club was formed in London, England in 1814. It was called the Pugilistic Club.

The 1956 heavyweight Olympic gold medalist Pete Rademacher fought for the world title in his very first pro fight and was KO’d by Floyd Patterson.

Actor Tony Danza had a short but successful professional boxing career as a middleweight between 1976 & 1979. The Whose The Boss? leading man was 9-3, with 9 KO’s.

Joe Louis – iconic heavyweight champion – signed for none other than world famous Liverpool FC. During a promotional tour of the UK in the 40s Louis, as a publicity stunt, signed for the Liverpool Reds. Louis even participated in a training session for Liverpool Football Club.

Independence Day 1944 saw Joe Louis join Liverpool, as they beat city rivals Everton to his signature. Then Liverpool manager George Kay produced a football league amateur form for the champion to sign. Louis was then photographed training with the squad.

The Queensberry rules basically invented the sport of boxing as we know it. The 9th Marquess of Queensberry (John Sholto Douglas) got all the glory, but the rules were actually the brainchild of one John Graham Chambers and the Marquess simply endorsed them. Chambers was a Welsh sportsman who rowed for Cambridge, created inter-varsity sports, became English Champion walker, coached four winning Oxford-Cambridge Boat-Race crews, devised the Queensberry Rules, staged the Cup Final and the Thames Regatta, initiated championships for billiards, boxing, cycling, wrestling and athletics, rowed beside Matthew Webb as he became the first person to swim the English Channel without the aide of artificial aids & also edited a national newspaper.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting!

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton