Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not of Boxing

Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not

When Floyd Patterson lost the title to Sonny Liston in 1962, he left Comiskey Park in Chicago wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and a fake beard for his drive back to New York City.

Most first round KO’s of any heavyweight champion during career: Jack Dempsey at 25.

Mike Tyson is credited as having the Most Flash Knockouts in his Career, knocking out 9 fighters in less than one minute.

Marvis Frazier 0:30,

Robert Colay 0:37,

Lou Savarese 0:38,

Mike Johnson 0:39,

Ricardo Spain 0:39,

Clifford Etienne 0:49,

Mark Young 0:50,

Trent Singleton 0:52,

Sterling Benjamin 0:54

Australian Max Gornick vs Africa’s own Charlie Smith. The bout was scheduled for 15 rounds. By 12.00 PM, the fight had gone 14 rounds. If the fight had of continued it would have broken the Sunday Observance Act. It was decided to call the fight a draw.

Only fighter to campaign over 5 decades
A 16-year old Roberto Duran turned professional way back in 1968 & then competed through five decades; fighting his last professional bout aged 50 in 2001. Duran’s retirement actually came as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident – so who knows how long he might have carried on fighting!

Most Knockdowns In a Fight
Sam McVey vs Joe Jeanette
In Paris back in April of 1909 an amazing feat was achieved that will likely never be repeated. The contest between Sam McVey and Joe Jeanette was riveting – Jeanette went to the canvas 27 times, McVey was floored 19 times. Jeanette won when McVey collapsed at the start of the 49th round!

Largest Paying Attendance for a Fight
Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen
February 1993. 132, 247 fans crammed into the Estadio Ezteca, Mexico City, Mexico to see folk-hero Julio Cesar Chavez make his 10th defence of his WBC light welterweight title. Haugen was knocked down in the opening seconds and was pounded through the fight before Joe Cortez stopped the contest in the 5th.


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