Hamilton’s “Say What?” of Boxing

WTF Were You Thinking Quotes from Boxing’s Recent & Not So Recent Past

Marquez is ruined,” said Murad Muhammad, Pacquiao’s promoter. ”Yes, we want a rematch, but the other guy won’t want to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao again.” after Pacquiao-Marquez I in 2004.

Won’t You Come Home Dear Cassius?” Ernie Terrell.  The taunts had an undesired effect though. The fight between Ali and Terrell resulted in a uniquely brutal display from Ali. Ali shouted, “What’s my name?” between crushing blows to Terrell’s increasingly worn face.

No Mas.” Roberto Duran. The Hands of Stone’s most notorious outing was covered in Sports Illustrated back in 1980 as such, “If Duran arrived in New Orleans with a reputation as unassailable as Simón Bolívar’s—he had a career record of 72-1, after all, including his victory over Leonard last June 20 in Montreal—he left with it somewhere in the neighborhood of Papa Doc’s. It was bizarre to witness so swift and devastating a collapse of a man’s name. And what a name it was. Here was a man whose whole professional life had been built upon the precepts of Latin American machismo.

The New York Times noted, “Durán’s stature in his home country, Panama, took a dramatic dive after the fight. The immediate reaction was shock, followed by anger. Within hours, commercials featuring Durán (in both Panama and the United States) were ordered off the air.

Superman don’t need no seat belt.Muhammad Ali. And yes, neither did he need a…

I’ll fuck you until you love me, faggotMike Tyson shows himself to be both homophobic & ….?

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