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Sugar Ray Leonard‘s first fight without Angelo Dundee in his corner came against Donny Lalonde as late as November 1988. For his fight with Marvin Hagler the year before, the legendary Dundee worked without a contract and made $175,000 or under 2% of what Ray Leonard made from The Superfight. Dundee felt he’d been under-compensated. He then requested a formal contract for the Lalonde fight which his long-time charge summarily declined to grant him.

“I don’t have contracts. My word is my bond,” came the response from Sugar Ray Leonard.

In January of 1997, it was publicly announced that Ray Leonard had been voted into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame (Canastota, New York). The HOF rules stipulate that a fighter must have been retired for five years before becoming eligible. Leonard had been retired for over five years at the time the vote was held & was thus eligible, despite the fact that in the interim (between the time the vote was held & the induction ceremony on June 15, 1997 he took on (& lost to) Hector Camacho by 5th Round TKO (on March 1, 1997).

Almost 8 years after retiring Leonard for good the Macho Man would face difficulties of an altogether different variety when on January 6, 2005, he was arrested by Mississippi cops on charges of attempting to burgle an electronic goods store and being in possession of the street drug ecstasy. As recently as April 2012 Camacho found himself facing a felony count of child abuse in Florida.

Héctor Camacho fought Edwin Rosario back in June of 1986 at Madison Square Garden in New York. In the aftermath of the fight a Spanish language newspaper reported a murder related to the fight. The newspaper claimed two men had bet on the fight, and after Rosario lost, the deceased told his killer that he actually didn’t have any cash, which enraged the winning punter to the point of shooting & killing the chap who fancied Rosario for the win.

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