Hank Lundy vs Dannie Williams

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‘Dangerous’ Dannie Williams going into the ‘Woods to take Lundy’s title belt & high ratings on March 30th ESPN FNF

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“Dangerous” Dannie Williams

(All pictures by Bob Barton / Rumble Time Promotions

ST. LOUIS  – Lightweight knockout specialist “Dangerous” Dannie Williams (20-1, 16 KOs) will break training camp in Youngstown (OH) later this month and head east to challenge North American Boxing Federation (“NABF”) “Hammerin’ Hank” Lundy (21-1-1, 11 KOs) in the ESPN Friday Night Fights 10-round main event at MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

As the NABF’s top contender, Williams is the mandatory challenger for Lundy’s title, a flashy, outspoken Philadelphia boxer, who is rated No. 4 by the World Boxing Council (“WBC”), as well as No. 7 by the World Boxing Organization (“WBO”) and No. 12 by the International Boxing Federation (“IBF”).


“I feel fantastic,” WBC No. 10-rated Williams said from camp, where he’s working with his head trainer, Jack Loew. “I don’t want to take anything away from Lundy. He’s the NABF champ and a good fighter, but I’m coming with it and he better not forget that. He talks a lot. I guess he’s trying to get in my head but it’s not going to work. When we get it on, all the talking will be over. I posted something on my Facebook page promoting our fight to get people interested to watch it at Foxwoods or on ESPN. No trash talking at all. He then went on my page and put up a lot of stuff trying to stir things up. Nobody cares. I’ll see him fight night. He hasn’t talked too much lately because he knows this fight is real.


“People like to see exactly what I bring to this sport – my knockouts!   Everybody knows I bring excitement. He thinks that he’s going to out-box me, but I’m bringing my power, speed and lots of pressure. We have a good game plan for him. I’m going to mix it up so there’ll be no question in the minds of the judges that I’m taking his belt home with me. I’m not into making predictions. I always train to go the distance, but I’ll be fighting for a knockout. I’ve seen my friends from St. Louis win on television – Deandre Latimore and Devon Alexander – and my buddy Adrien Broner, too. Now it’s my turn.


“I’m really excited about this fight. Lundy’s talking so much has made me loose. You know the old saying, ‘The loudest person in the room is the weakest guy.’ His people have been saying I’ve never fought anybody. Well, we’ve fought one common opponent, Reggie Sanders. They went the distance and I nearly killed him. His head was dangling on the ropes. I hurt guys that I hit.”

Rumble Time Promotions and DiBella Entertainment co-promote Williams. The 27-year-old from St. Louis has been thoroughly dominant in his last five fights, defeating Manuel Leyva (KO1), Oscar Cuero (DEC10), Antonio Cervantes (KO4), John Willoughby (KO2) and veteran Fernando Trejo (33-17-6) retired on the stool after six rounds.


“I’m tired of hearing that Dannie hasn’t fought anybody,” promoter Steve Smith (Rumble Time Promotions) commented. “Trejo went the distance in his two fights before facing Dannie against top, undefeated prospects Darley Perez and Jose Gonzalez. Trejo quit on the stool rather than go back out and get stopped cold by Dannie. The only other guy to stop Trejo is Bobby Pacquiao. Leyva lost a 10-round split decision to two-time world champion Joel Casamayor one fight prior to him getting knocked out in the first round by Dannie. Levya has been in tough since Dannie destroyed him against two top fighters – Ed Paredes (TKO7) and Carlos Molina (DEC10) – whose performances didn’t come close to Dannie’s against the same opponent. Lundy was knocked out by (John) Molina, who doesn’t hit nearly as hard as Dannie, dropped by David Diaz who really should have been retired, Patrick Lopez gave Lundy a lot of trouble, and (Richard) Abril was robbed in Boston


“Most fans don’t know that Dannie was a good boxer in the amateurs (127-27 record). He beat Micky Bey twice and Brandon Rios, too. Dannie won the 2004 National Golden Gloves Tournament. Everybody’s frightened of Dannie’s big right but he hits hard with both hands. He actually hits harder with his naturally stronger left hand. Lundy can only run for so long before Dannie catches him. And it’s all over when Dannie checks Lundy’s suspect chin. Dannie knows how to finish and, when he does that to Lundy, it’s going to be Chin-Check time not Hammer Time. Lundy and MC Hammer will have two things in common – down on their luck and out of their games as serious players. Dannie hasn’t gotten caught up in Lundy’s trash talking because he’s so focused on this fight. Dannie grew-up on the mean streets of St. Louis and Lundy’s smack doesn’t mean anything to him.”


Williams’ awesome power is well documented; his devastating knockout of Cervantes last August on ESPN Friday Night Fights was the No. 1 highlight on the ESPN Sportscenter countdown.


“This is a great opportunity against a hot lightweight,” Williams advisor Sam Shapiro remarked. “Lundy is a very good, versatile fighter, but he has never been hit by anybody as powerful as Dannie. When you consider that the knock on Lundy is that his chin is suspect, well, let’s just say that Dannie may have something do to with tucking him in a little early on March 30th. Clearly, the winner of this fight should catapult to the top three in a division loaded with talent. Anyone that is a fight fan should be fired up about this match-up. Match-ups like this are good for boxing.”


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