Live Update: Haye vs Klitschko

Round 12: Haye comes in more aggressive with some big bombs. Both fighters giving it all . Haye really trying to get that one punch to knockout Klitschko.  Vitaliy lifts his brothers hand as the Klitschko’s claim victory. Haye claims victory  himself.  Both teams congratulating each other. Official announcement to come soon. Crowd booing. All three judges unanimously score the fight in Klitschko’s favor. Klitchko unifies the devision. The two fighters shake hands.
Klitschko thanks all of his fans while speaking in German, English and Russian. He said he’ll continue to defend his titles. Klitschko gives Haye credit for trying.

Round 11: Emanuel Steward tells Klitschko to step it up.  Haye goes to the canvas, it’s counted as a knockdown. Crowd goes wild. Haye almost slips again trying to left a big Haymaker.

Round 10: Crowd getting restless.  Haye slips once again. Crowd booing.  Klitschko lands a right. As both fighters are tangled up, Haye attempts to land a few behing Klitschko’s head. Bell rings.

Round 9:  Haye has a bump on his forehead.  Klitschko throwing more punches. Haye working on his defense. Toward the end of the round, Haye throws some wild punches, but misses.

Round 8: Haye goes for the body, also a combo. Klitschko moves out of the way. Haye lands two body shots. Haye slips again to the canvas. Haye keeps working the body, and hits Klitschko in the back as the bell rings.

Round 7:  Haye trying to land punches, looks like it’s difficult for him to reach Klitschko. Although he was able to land a few. Meantime, Klitchko keeps coming after Haye and blocking his attempts. Klischko had a point deducted for pushing Haye down.

Round 6: Haye more aggressive, looking to be in great condition. Klitschko not phased. Haye slips to the ground once again.

Round 5: Klitschko working his left jab on Hayes face. Haye fighting with his hands down.  Klitschko throwing more punches than Haye. Round goes to Klitschko.

Round 4: Klitchko lands more shots, Haye doing more running.
Haye land a jab, but Klitschko misses. Haye lands a right at the end.

Round 3: Dramatic round with Haye and Klitschko exchanging some hard punches. Round going to Klitschko.

Round 2: Haye trying to lure Klitschko in, but he’s not falling for it.

Round 1: Both fighters feeling each other out. Haye slipped, but not considered at a knockdown.

Update: Klitschko and Haye both in the ring.

Thousands of people have packed an arena in Hamburg, Germany, to watch David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko. It was announced that each fighter is making between $15-$20 million for the fight.   In attendance some major names including George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, and Michael Buffer, the announcer.

Haye just walked into the ring, after saying he wasn’t ready-  making everyone wait.[ad#Google Adsense(Horizontal 468)][ad#Google Adsense(Horizontal 468)]