14. OCT. 2012 K-1 World Grand Prix(Heavy weight) Final 16 in Tokyo Fight Card



Raul Catinas (Romania)


Ben Edwards (Australia)

Makoto Uehara (Japan)


Hiromi Amada (Japan)

Xavier Vigney (USA)


Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan)

Hesdy  Gerges (Egypt)


Sergii Lashchenko (Ukraine)

Singh Jaideep (India)


Ismael Londt (Surinam)

Jarrell Miller (USA)


Arnold Oborotov(Lithuania)

Paul Slowinski (Poland)


Catalin Morosanu (Romania)

Mirco Filipovic (Croatia)


Randy Blake(USA)


Genji Umeno (Japan)


Chanhyung Lee (Korea)

Jafar Ahmadi (Iran)


Benjamin Adegbuyl (Nigeria)

Saulo Cavalari (Brazil)


Pavel Zuravliov (Russia)

Rick Roufus (USA)


James Wilson (USA)



Fighter Profile: WGP




Born 1988 Aug 6(23yrs.)FromRomania

182cm (5.11ft)/110kg(243lb)

Association:Chakuriki Gym

21 fights/17 wins(KO:9 wins)4 loss   0 draw

2008 K-1 WGP Slovakia (first K-1 fight)

2009 K-1 WGP 2008 inLodz(semifinal)

2012 SuperKombat WGPII Champion


He has gained even more power and skill since his move to the famous Chakuriki Gym. Chairman Tom Harinck has given his stamp of approval on Catinas, saying that he will definitely become the K-1 Champion before too long. Executive Producer Masato also predicts that the fight with “Boom Boom” Ben Edwards will be a close one, ending in a KO.

A fighter to watch out for.

Masato’s comment: Brawny and muscled fighter, like Mike Tyson



BEN EDWARDSNickname:The Guvner

Born 1985 Feb 17(27yrs.)FromAustralia

190cm (6.3ft)/117kg(258lb)

Association:Bulldog GymCanberra

44 fights/34 wins(KO:31 wins)8   loss    2 draw

2009 ISKA Super Heavyweight World Champion

2010 K-1 WGP Australia Champion (first participation)


This will be his first fight inJapansince his K-1 debut in 2010. An Australian champion and intense fighter with manyKOsunder his belt. A Ben Edwards fight is sure to please. We look forward to him and Raul Catinas exchanging blows.

Masato’s comment: As his namesake “Boom Boom” suggests, he pummels his fists and aims for a KO. Interesting and easy to understand.




Born 1984 Nov 14(27yrs.)From Japan

182cm (5.97ft)/95kg(210lb)

Association: Shikon Murakami Juku

15 fights/11 wins(KO:7 wins)4   loss    0 draw

2008 Participated & passed K-1 Tryouts

2011 RISE Heavyweight champion


Uehara, who participated in the K-1 Tryouts on 2008, has now matured into a Heavyweight fighter capable of representingJapan. He is currently the holder of the RISE Heavyweight title. It’s his chance to take his revenge against Amada, whom he lost to three years earlier. Can he demonstrate how much he’s improved in the past 3 years?

Masato’s comment: Punches and kicks with destructive power, and has a body type uncharacteristic of a Japanese fighter.





Nickname: Tokkoutai

Born 1973 May 10(39yrs.)FromJapan

185cm (6.1ft)/105kg(232lb)

Association:Digital Spirits

54 fights/34 wins(KO:15 wins)17 loss    3 draw

2004 K-1 Japan GP champion


A veritable icon in K-1 who had been participating in K-1 events for 13 years, since 1999. He won against Uehara in 2009 by decision, and is up for a new challenge to obtain a ticket to the WGP on December 26. His recent win against Alex Roberts by KO seems to demonstrate that he is a much better fighter than before.

Masato’s comment: Veteran fighter from the days of K1Japan. Has an amateur boxing background and is the No.1 Japanese heavyweight fighter in punching technique.




Born 1990 Apr 9(22yrs.)FromUSA

207cm (6.8ft)/111kg(245lb)

Association:Team Black

6 fights/5 wins(KO:1 wins)0   loss      draw

IKF California champion

US World Amateur champion


Vigney has excellent physical abilities from his background as a football player. He has had 6 consecutive victories since his move to kickboxing. He is 22 years young and his long arms and legs are formidable weapons. In the future, he could be in the forefront of American kickboxing.

Masato’s comment: A very powerful fighter even among the tall fighters I have seen. I feel he has a lot of potential to grow, and I expect him to build a record of KO wins.






Born 1984 Jun 21(28yrs.)FromAzerbaijan

183cm (6.0ft)/95kg(209lb)

Association:Chinuk Gym

84 fights/73 wins(KO:32 wins)10   loss    1 draw

2006 IFMA World Amateru Muay Thai Champion

2007 K-1 WGP Las Vegas (participated)

2009 K-1 WGP inLodz


He does not have a large physique, but more than compensates with his pro boxing background, speed, and fighter heart that fights head-on with any opponent. A man of valor that has won against Laschenko and Ray Sefo.

Masato’s comment: A rough and wild fighter that prefers punches. I expect an intense exchange of blows.




Born 1984 Feb 20(28yrs.) FromEgypt

200cm (6.6ft)/108kg(240lb)

Association: Chakuriki Gym

51 fights/39 wins(KO:18 wins)11   loss    1 draw

2009 WFCA Super Heavyweight Champion

2010 It’s Showtime +95kg World Champion


Assassin from Tom Harinck’s Dojo Chakuriki. A stable

fighter that has won against top fighters such as Badr Hari

and Daniel Ghita, it is expected to make his name known

in the upcomingTokyoevent.

Masato’s comment: His height towers over 2 meters. Holder of the Showtime Champion title.





Nickname:Ukrainian Tough Guy

Born 1987 Jul 21(25yrs.) FromUkraine

191cm (6.3ft)/111kg(245lb)

Association:Mike’s Gym

38 fights/29 wins(KO:13 wins)9   loss    2 draw

2009 K-1 WORLD GP inLodz(first K-1 fight)

2009 K-1 WORLD GP inLodz(finalist)

2011 SuperKombat WGP Final champion


With baby-faced features that belies his 25 years,

Laschenko climbed to the top of the finals tournament during the 2009 WGP, in which he first participated in K-1. He claimed the title of champion in last year’s Superkombat  tournament and is aiming to be the champion of K-1 GP.

Masato’s comment: Fighter with hard fists and boxing technique





Born 1987 Aug 21(25yrs.)FromIndia

198cm (6.6ft)/100kg(220lb)

Association:Power of Dream

55 fights/40 wins(KO:13 wins)14   loss    0 draw

2008 J-NET WORK Heavyweight champion

2009 K-1 WGP Seoul  ASIA GP champion

2011 RISE Heavyweight Tournament champion


A formidable presence inJapan. He has proven himself

to be the only fighter to stand out in last year’s RISE Heavyweight tournament. It is hoped that he will be an important fighter for the New K-1

Masato’s comment: Has destructive power to his punches stemming from his height, andKOshis opponent with a knee kick. He has developed rapidly in recent years.





Nickname:Mr. Pain

Born 1985 Jul 12(27yrs.)FromSuriname

196cm (6.4ft)/110kg(243lb)

Association:Super Kombat

33 fights/29 wins(KO:13 wins)3   loss    1 draw

2011 SuperKombat WGP II champion

2011 SuperKombat WGP Final finalist

2012 SuperKombat WGP III Title


His manager is the famous Melvin Manhoef. He is akin to a heavyweight version of Manhoef. There is no mistake that he will be active in the fighting stage the world over

Masato’s comment: Overall excellent fighter. His fight with Jaideep will be unpredictable and will certainly be a great fight to watch for the fans.



Nickname:Big Baby

Born 1988 Jul 15 (24yrs.)FromUSA

195cm (6.4ft)/113kg(250lb)


20 fights/20 wins(KO:9 wins)0   loss    0 draw

NY Golden Gloves Finalist

2012 US Grand Prix Championship in LA (First K-1 fight)


He has been the sparring partner of Klitschko, the long-running title holder in pro boxing. At 19 years old, he won against Pat Barry (former K-1 fighter before moving to UFC) at WCL. As he had vocally proclaimed, he won by KO during the K-1 Los Angeles event earlier this month. He gets worked up about KO-ing his opponent, whoever he may be .

Masato’s comment:  With his boxing background, he fought well according to K-1 rules during the LA event on September 8th. His steady low kicks were impressive. As to be expected from an American boxer, his final uppercut, delivering a knockout, was a highlight of the event.





Nickname:Mr. Roboto

Born 1989 Dec 4 (22yrs.) FromLithuania

196cm (6.5ft)/102kg(225lb)

Association:KO Bloodline

29 fights/25 wins(KO:14 wins)3   loss    1 draw

2011 W.K.N European K-1 Rules GP Champion


 He set the fighting world abuzz in his fight April this year at the main event organized by Jerome Le Banner, which ended in a draw after a tough fight in which Oborotov seemed about to lose. Though only 22 years of age, this new star is a great fighter. Will he be the center of the storm in his first K-1 challenge?

Masato’s comment: Though he doesn’t seem evasive and powerful, his record of a draw from the K-1 leader speaks volumes.



Nickname:The Sting

Born 1980 Sep 24(31yrs.) FromPoland

190cm (6.3ft)/110kg(240lb)

Association:Finders Muaythai

123 fights/104 wins(KO:63 wins)18   loss    1 draw

2007 K-1 WORLD GP inAmsterdamChampion

2009 WMC World Heavyweight Champion

2011年IS.K.A. Heavyweight Champion


At 31 years, he has a maturity differing from his first K-1 fight 5 years previous. Since July 2010, he has garnered a streak of 8 wins. With the techniques he learned from Hoost, we can expect a lot from him now and in the future.

Masato’s comment: Same fighter from K1. An all-around fighter who can kick and punch.





Nickname:The Carpathian Death

Born 1984 Jun 30(28yrs.) FromRomania

180cm (5.11ft)/98kg(220lb)

Association:SS Cotnari-Scorpions

37 fights/32 wins(KO:20 wins)5   loss    0 draw

2008 WKN Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion

2012 SuperKombat World Grand Prix I Champio n.


The No. 1, most famous fighter representingRomaniawith 32 wins and 20 KO record. Even with his small stature, he prefers hard and fast punches in his fights. He is also a county councilor in his nativeRomania, proof of his being a ‘multi-fighter’

Masato’s comment:  A fighter similar to K-1 MAX’s Mike Zambidis. He fights 90% with punches




Nickname:Cro Cop

Born 1974 Sep 10 (37yrs.)FromCroatia

185cm (6.1ft)/107kg(235lb)

Association:Cro Cop Squad Gym

65 fights/45 wins(KO:32 wins)17 loss  2 draw  1 no contest


Mirco is participating in K-1 once again after 9 years. What he probably wants is the K-1 Heavyweight Belt. For this reason, he came back to K-1. His ability to call up the strength when need be is amazing. We are looking forward to seeing that once again.

Masato’s comment: It has been a while since I last saw Mirco fight during theSpainevent last May, but his sharp high kicks and force have not changed from his glory days.





Nickname:Boom Boom

Born 1986 Nov 25(25yrs.)FromUSA

185cm (6.3ft)/98kg(215lb)

Association:Apollos Martial Arts

24 fights/0 wins(KO:16 wins)0   loss    0 draw

XFL light Heavyweight kickboxing Champion
ISKA World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion


US Kickboxing’s new star achieved his 24th consecutive victory at the K-1 LA event earlier this month. He is the top pupil of the famed Dale Apollo Cook. With Mirco as his opponent in his first major event, will he be able to extend his winning streak? Or will it be his first   loss to blacken his record? This is a fight to look forward to.

Masato’s comment: An impressive record of 24 wins out of 24 fights. I feel he has top-notch boxing techniques. With 16 knockouts, he is a young, strong fighter with a powerful punch.





Nickname:Treasure ofJapanMuay Thai

Born 1988 Dec13(23yrs)FromJapan

178cm (5.84ft)/62kg(137lb)


23fights/21wins(KO:10wins)2  loss   0  draw

2010年M-1 Feather Weight Champion

2011 WPMF World Super Feather Weight Champion


Umeno is participating in K-1 for the first time. Executive Producer Masato is keeping his eye on him for the new K-1 weight classes in 2013.

Masato’s comment::「Having mainly fought Muay Thai, it will be Umeno’s first fight under K-1 rules. It would be interesting to see how he can show his power with K-1 rules.」






Born 1992 Aug 11(20yrs)FromKorea

168cm (5.5ft)/60kg(132lb)

Association:Moovi Gym/KHAN Sportainment

15fights/11wins(KO:6wins)  3  loss   1  draw

2011 M.K.F ULTIMATE VICTOR -60KG Champion



Masato’s comment::「A fresh new fighter fromKorea, barely 20 years old. Look forward to the hidden potential he brings to the fight.」



Nickname:K.O. King

Born 1982 Dec 6 (29yrs)FromIran

186cm (6.1ft)/96kg(212lb)

Association:Iran Taisei Jyuku

30fights/28wins(KO:15wins) 1  loss   1  draw

2006, 2007, 2010 Amateur Kickboxing world champion

2007, 2009, 2011 Amateur Muay Thai world champion

WBKF Heavy Weight Champion


Masato’s comment::「With his high level punches and kicks, he is like an Iranian version of Daniel Ghita.」





Nickname:Mr. Gentleman, Hammer

Born 1985 Jan 24(27yrs)FromNigeria

198m (6.6ft)/120kg(260lb)

Association:Respect Gym

10fights/9wins(KO:8wins) 1  loss   0  draw

2011 SuperKombat WGP III Champion

2012 SuperKombat WGP III Champion


Masato’s comment::「He attacks his enemy with punches and low kicks. He has a great cross counter that defeats his opponent in one blow.」





Born 1989 May 23(23yrs)FromBrazil

188cm (6.2ft)/100kg(220lb)

Association:Thai Brasil

26fights/25wins(KO:19wins)  1  loss   0  draw

2010 Muay ThaiBrazilChampion

2011 Muay ThaiBrazilChampion

2012 TANEFT CupBrazilChampion

2012 TANEFT CupRussiaChampion.


Masato’s comment::「He uses his legs in a hit and run attack. Has a formidable right low kick.」




Nickname:The Caiman

Born 1983 Jul 29(29yrs)FromRussia

187cm (6.1ft)/99kg(216lb)

Association:Sevastpol Muay Thai

47fights/39wins(KO:14wins)  7  loss   1  draw

2009 K-1 WORLD GP inSeoul(K-1 first fight)

2009 WBKFEuropeTournament (+93kg) Champion

2011 SuperKombat WGPIII Champion


He impressed everyone in his first K-1 fight in 2009 by winning against Gokhan Saki. He has also compiled a record of wins against the likes of Prince Ali and Mourad Bouzidi. It is his first time to fight inJapan.

Masato’s comment::「Though lacking in speed, he has stamina and can endure blows. A fighter who constantly puts on the pressure against his opponent.」



Rick“The Jet”Roufus

Nickname:The Jet

Born 1966 Jun 3(46yrs)FromUSA

180 cm(5.11ft)/ 98Kg (205lb)

Association:Roufus Kickboxing Center
65 wins (43 (T)KOs)    9   loss,   1 draw

1996年WBCAmerica Curser Champion

1998年K-1USAGRAND PRIX ’98 Finalist.


Masato’s comment::「The Legend vs. the Star Tryout Passer. This is a fight to watch out for.」



James Wilson

Nickname:The Beast

Born 1986 Oct 15(25yrs)FromUSA

186cm(6.1ft)/ 112Kg(245lb)

Association:Fight Academy





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