Hector Camacho Jr. vs Shakir Ashanti

On Saturday night in Atlanta, world renowned middleweight boxer Hector Camacho Jr. (53-4-1), will return to the ring as he continues to embark on his journey of winning the title. As Camacho Jr. prepares for the underdog Shakir Ashanti (16-11), he keeps his main goal in sight.

“I can’t look past a fighter like Ashanti, because he comes in to play the spoiler role,” said Camacho Jr. “I have to be live and sharp. These are the kind of fighters that you have to let them know right away that they have no business in the ring with me. If you allow a fighter like Ashanti to stick around and believe he has a chance then you’re in for a long night.”

Going into this fight Camacho Jr. is confident that his training regime and work ethic will help him emerge the victor.

“I have worked hard to train for this fight, focusing on using my speed and experience to my advantage in setting up my attack,” said Camacho Jr. “I plan to win the fight using my ring smarts and experience.”

Camacho Jr. won his only other fight of 2011, and has gone an impressive 9-1 over his last 10 bouts. Looking forward, Camacho Jr. plans to drop down in weight following this bout to make a run at the welterweight championship.

“I want to focus on making the welterweight limits and starting going after the champions at that weight class,” said Camacho Jr. “There are some of the top fighters at that weight, and if I want to make an impact on my way to the championship, that is the way to do it.”

Outside of the ring Camacho Jr. has been working with his team in orchestrating a charity event for Harlem. Camacho Jr. is looking to host a boxing exhibition to spread awareness of gang and drug violence affluent in communities and raise money to help local schools.

“It is important to stay involved with my community, and to give back to the kids,” said Camacho Jr. “After this July 30 fight I plan to focus my efforts and helping out as much as possible and making a difference wherever I can.”

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