It Was Macho Time Baby!

Hector “Macho” Camacho

He could sell a fight as well as anyone who ever lived.Brian Iole

Alias: Macho
Birth Name: Hector Luis Camacho
Born: 1962-05-24
Birthplace: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5′ 6½″ 
Reach: 69″ 

He was colorful, he was braggadocious, he was outlandish and, at the height of his game, he was a must-watch attraction.Kevin Iole

Trained at the LaSombra Sporting Club in New York
Amateur Record: 96-4
1978 New York Golden Gloves Flyweight Sub-Novice Champion
1979 New York Golden Gloves Bantamweight Open Champion
1979 Intercity Golden Gloves 119 Pound Champion
1980 New York Golden Gloves Bantamweight Open Champion
1980 Intercity Golden Gloves 125 Pound Champion

Professional Record 79 (45 KOs) – 6 – 3

WBC Super Featherweight Champion 7 Aug 1983–1984

WBC Lightweight Champion 10 Aug 1985–1987

WBO Light Welterweight Champion 6 Mar 1989 – 23 Feb 1991

WBO Light Welterweight Champion 18 May 1991–1992

He understood the importance of marketing a fight and selling the fightOscar De La Hoya.

Junior Lightweight champion Bobby Chacón refused to travel to Puerto Rico to defend against Camacho. This led to the WBC declaring the belt vacant. Rafael Limón then fought Camacho for the vacant strap. It was the first time Camacho fought a former world champion. He knocked down Limón in the 1st & 3rd rounds before the referee stopped the fight in the 5th round. Macho Time was upon us.

Camacho then fought & beat the Mexican world champion, José Luis Ramírez in Vegas to take the WBC Lightweight championship. The other world champions in his division, Livingstone Bramble and Jimmy Paul, were reluctant to fight Camacho. Interestingly he then took on & beat one Freddie Roach as he weighed up his options.

He faced Edwin Rosario at Madison Square Garden. Camacho dominated early before Rosario‘s power punching came to the fore during the middle rounds. In a see-saw battle Camacho came back taking rounds eight and nine, before Rosario rallied in the final three rounds. It was a very close affair with Camacho taking the split decision victory.

In 1989 the Macho Man met former lightweight champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, then 29-3 (23 knockouts), for the vacant WBO Light Welterweight title. Camacho won a split decision, becoming a three-weight world champion. Camacho beat Vinny Pazienza, Tony Baltazar, both on points as his undefeated record swelled to 25-0.

Camacho then lost his world championship to the former Lightweight champion Greg Haugen. The fight would have been declared a draw were it not for the deducted point Camacho had been penalized for refusing to touch gloves at the start of the last round. After the bout, an unidentified substance was discovered in Haugen‘s urine. Camacho subsequently regained his title, avenging the loss to Haugen in a very close split decision.

In 1992 Camacho fought Julio César Chávez then 81-0 champion. Camacho entered the ring in an outfit based on the Puerto Rican flag. Camacho was roundly criticized for his evasive tactics as Chávez kept pushing the action throughout. The fight ended by unanimous decision victory for Chávez.

Camacho’s notable wins include two points victories over Roberto Durán. In 1997, he knocked out Sugar Ray Leonard – sending him into his final retirement. Camacho took on Félix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya, losing on both occasions.

Camacho fathered four children – Héctor Camacho, Jr., Justin, Christian and Taylor.

On January 6, 2005, Camacho was arrested by police in Mississippi on charges of trying to burgle an electronic goods store and carrying ecstasy. He was later sentenced to 7 years in prison, but a judge suspended all but one year of the sentence and gave Camacho probation. He served two weeks in prison for violating that probation.

February 12, 2011, Camacho is shot in San Juan. Two men approached his 2005 BMW X5 and tried to carjack him. As he attempted to evade, he was shot three times. In March 2012, Camacho starred on a reality television show – It’s Macho Time in which women compete to be his girlfriend.

His full recovery would be a miracle, medically there is nothing more that can be done” Rafael Rodríguez Mercado, rector of the Medical Sciences Campus.

On November 20, 2012, around 7 p.m. AST, Camacho was shot while in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Camacho, 50, was seated in the passenger side of a Ford Mustang when he was shot from a passing car. The driver of the Mustang, friend, Adrian Mojica Moreno, was killed in the attack. Police say they found nine bags of cocaine in Mojica‘s possession, with a 10th one open inside the vehicle.

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