Hollywood Celeb Calls Out Elie Seckbach For A Fight!
June 6, 2011 Boxing News

Elie Seckbach is training with boxing trainer Robert Garcia. Garcia of Oxnard  is currently training some big champions. Although it’s not clear who Seckbach’s opponent will be, in this EsNewsReporting video, actor Mario Lopez (Saved By The Bell) call out Seckbach to get in the ring.

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"5" Comments
  1. fuck’im up Elie !! show them wath your made of 🙂

  2. Elie is a Funny Man!

    Elie, I predict you will pull a David Haye and get injured after all the training… OTHER WISE YOU’RE GOING TO GET THE SHIT BEAT OUT OF YOU BUT IT WILL MAKE FOR GREAT TV!!

    Here is how the Elie Raw Dawg Seckbach Vs AC Slater fight will go! Watch the video!

  3. mario would fuck u up man!

  4. maaaaaaaan, mario lopez would beat the dog doo doo outta elie seckbach.

  5. Elie, are you gonna start carrying a belt around too? hahaha I saw in that those over/under odds got closer after you posted this video!

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