Danny Garcia Beats Kendall Holt Rd by Rd Updates

Rd 1 Garcia and Holt feeling eachother out. This round Garic ais more active. Goes to Garcia out boxing Holt.

Rd 2 Big right hand by Garcia. Rd pretty even.

Rd 3 Garcia drops some big bombs. Crowd goes wild. This round to Garcia.

Rd 4 Both fighters taking their time. Both exchange. Hold seems to have taken this round.

Rd 5 Both fighters taking their time. Some good exchanges hold landing a big left jab. This round is a draw.

Rd 6 Holt more active this round.  Danny Garcia lands a few big bombs. Holt comes back with a big right of his own.

Rd 7 Hold lands a left hook. Garcia looking for an opening.

Rd 8 rd stars Garcia lands a right hook Holt swings and misses. After a break in action Garcia does to Holt what Mayweather did to Ortiz. Holt gets mad Reff Jack Reiss calls both fighters in 10 seconds left in the round.

Rd 9 Round stars slow. Garcia lands two big right hooks. Garcia hits Holt with 3 Jabs in a row Holt answers.

 Rd 10 out of 12 Holt trying to land Garcia moves out of the way. Garcia gets Holt, Holt answers.

Rd 11 Nice left by Holt lands on Garcia’s face. Garcia lands a left and right to Holt’s face crowd cheering. Big rignt by Garcia Holt seems shook round ends goes to Garcia.

Rd 12 Garcia goes after Holt. Both fighters exchange. Garcia trying to end it. Holt still standing.

Danny Garcia wins by a split