Holyfiled: “When I woke up, I thought about it some more and now I’m not going to retire.”

Once again Evander Holyfield made headlines. Just a few days ago, the former world champion had announced that he was planning on retiring, but now, he is back on the hunt for a title fight.

“I already told people I was going to retire, but this morning, when I woke up, I thought about it some more and now I’m not going to retire. Boxing is what I do best. It’s what I know,” stated Holyfield according to a SportsOnEarth piece.

Unfortunately it is true, and because of this authentic statement, Holyfield might end up getting a serious permanent injury one of these days. Fighting and competing is one thing, but as we age, things in out bodies lose certain abilities, such as healing, physical strength, and muscle stamina.

When the topic of winning another championship belt came up, naturally the Klitschko’s came up. “They won’t fight me. They have the right. If I can’t get the championship fight then I’ll continue to wait. Somebody is going to beat them at some point and then I’ll fight that winner. I can beat them. I feel I can beat anyone,” said Holyfield.

Humble as always, Holyfield is fine with patiently waiting for his moment. The problem is that time is not on his side already, and waiting longer increases the chance of the possibility of an injury. I doubt that there is a single boxing fan out there that who can say anything negative about Evander, but his time has come, and I would suggest that he looks for other outlets to get involved in.