Hopkins vs Bute

Bernard Hopkins Eyes Bute Golden Handshake

“Whatever makes business sense, that’s what I will do. I’m willing and able to go back to Canada,” according to

bernard hopkins executioner

Legendary multiple weight division world champion Bernard Hopkings maintains he's on the paper trail.

Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.

The commercial high point of Hopkins’ storied career to this point was of course his 2004 clash with Oscar De La Hoya which took $12.7 million at the gate & a further $56.0 million in Pay Per View Buys. Indeed that Pay Per View total on 1,000,000 buys ranks as Oscar De La Hoya’s 3rd highest – beyond only his clashes with Felix Trinidad ($71.4 million) & Floyd Mayweather ($120.0 million).

There was sadly only one Oscar De La Hoya & when you consider that what was perhaps, commercially speaking, one of the remaining trump cards for “The Executioner” to play in the anti-climactic & long overdue rematch with Roy Jones Junior did a modest 150,000 PPV buys you can not help but get the impression that Hopkins is grasping at the last vestiges of his earning power as a world class pugilist & prize fighting commodity.

The Jones rematch actually did worse than his 2008 upset win over Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik which had a PPV audience of 180,000 buys on hand to witness his historic dismantling of an outmatched incumbent champion. Hopkins’ take from the ill-fated Dawson matchup was a measly $1 million & drew a gate of 8,431 people.

By singling out the hard punching KO specialist Bute – a fighter nearing his professional prime – as a target he is

Lucian Bute

Lucian Bute is about as big of a challenge as there is out there for Bernard Hopkins.

certainly not shirking what most would see as a considerable challenge for the soon to be 47 year old. In an age of duckers & racially tinged YouTube call outs this is a welcome development; if one still entirely motivated by the desire to extract the last dollops of financial gain possible from a sport Hopkins doubtless feels has shortchanged him over his lengthy tenure as a world class prize fighter.

“If it’s not Bute, it will be someone who excites people. I believe I’m the guy to beat at 175. And 168 is not a deep division. I will wait and see what else is out there. Andre Ward will be pushed by Froch to show his talent. He will win and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins in a late stoppage. Maybe I will talk to Ward and say let me go get him and then maybe I will find my rocking chair. I’m in the scenario of the weight underneath me. That’s the reward for all that I have achieved.”

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