How Does Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Sound?

A lot of boxing fans believe that any kind of a loss to Manny Pacquiao would end Juan Manuel Marquez’s career, mostly because Marquez has mentioned retirement before, and aside from Pacquiao there might not be another big fight out there for Dinamita.

In a way this is true, because there isn’t another fighter out there aside from Mayweather Jr. with such an influential name. Having said that, there could potentially be another fight out there, another former world champion who might be looking for a change to redeem himself and get back into a world championship position.

If Ricky Hatton is able to decisively beat Vyacheslav Senchenko on November 24th, he might be a good opponent for Marquez in any scenario. If Hatton wins via a knockout, and is able to show that he is taking his comeback seriously, he just might get the chance to fight for a title again.

I think that a fight against Marquez would be a good one, and I believe that it would get the thumbs up from most of the boxing fans, including myself. Hatton is a very exciting high output fighter, while Marquez is a bit more reserved and technically inclined, and together they could deliver an event similar to that of Marquez vs. Pacquiao.

Hatton did mention that he would be interested in facing Pacquiao again, but I think that it would be premature for that fight to take place anytime soon. Hatton needs to beat a formidable opponent before making his case to fight Pacman. Marquez would be that very opponent that would boost Hatton’s career to new heights, although truthfully I am not sure just how likely it would be for Hatton to get past the masterful Marquez.

Your thoughts?


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