How To Become A Boxing Champ
March 26, 2011 Boxing News

For all of you boxing fans out there, EsNewsReporting is  brining you a free boxing lesson with a star trainer.  In this video Macka Foley shows us the basics of boxing.


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  1. wow elli macka always has sumthing good to say bout u

  2. Seems theres as many ways to teach/train a fighter as there are trainers. i also was taught as a kid amature in the gym to stand sideways on an angle KNEES BENT pointing my left shoulder at the target/oppnent, chin tucked into chest behind my left shoulder jabbing hand HANDS UP HIGH ELBOWS TUCKED INTO MY SIDE RIGHT HAND CLOSE TO RIGHT JAW TO BLOCKHOOKS 1 gives the oponent less to hit less of a target balace is vital- and when i hit the heavy bag SPAR FIGHT WHATEVER!do it from that postion MY STANCE! TO TURN my ass into the punch TO TURN PIVOT FROM THE BALLS OF MY FEET weiher right hand or left hook. my trainer was carmine graziano– the professor of punch trainer of lots of world chamipions contenders joey giardelo world mid champ mike rossman world ly hvy champ carl williams bruce sheldon among many otherS — A TREE IS KNOWN BY THE FRUIT IT BARES!

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