How Would Juan Manuel Marquez Do Against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Now? Sadly, Bad.

So let’s get to the meat part of what the boxing forums have been buzzing about in the past couple of days.

Yes, the main topic is Manny Pacquiao’s recent loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. Understandably, this is the biggest shocker in a very long time. Well at least on such a level. Amongst those, there is another topic that has gained some popularity, and it is whether Mayweather Jr. should give Maruqez a rematch.

This is a rough one. Technically, now that Marquez knocked out Pacquiao, he does deserve to fight, well pretty much anyone he wishes. The question is: would the result of their second fight, be different from the first?

I think that Marquez is amazing, and in my opinion, is he one of the top technical virtuosos in boxing history. Still, I just can’t see it. Connecting against a high volume sloppy puncher like Pacquiao is one thing, but trying to land a shot on an incredibly quick defensive counterpuncher like Mayweather Jr. is another.

Manny makes a ton of mistakes; Mayweather Jr. makes none.

Pacquiao relies on power and speed; Mayweather Jr. on speed and accuracy.

Manny’s abilities slightly change throughout the fight; Mayweather Jr. stays consistent, composed and focused.

Marquez will simply be fighting a much faster, bigger, smarter, and more accurate boxing twin. It is nearly impossible to beat a better self, and if Marquez somehow ends up in the ring with Mayweather Jr. again, he will lose the fight, by landslide.