How Would Ricky Hatton Do Against Andre Berto

With more and more speculation that Ricky Hatton wants to be back in the ring this year, people are starting to talk about whom he should fight first.

There are a number of good names to mention, but just for kicks, what do you think about Hatton facing Andre Berto?

Now I know that Hatton has been retired for a while, but that doesn’t meant that he can’t have a successful comeback. Berto needs a fight, and a good one at that. A good fight automatically means fighting a big name, and Ricky Hatton is still a pretty popular topic in boxing.

Of course it’s hard to say how Hatton will perform on his first fight back, but assuming that he will underperform is the same as underestimating a former champion. Berto is a good fighter, and has had tremendous success. But he has fallen as well, and for Hatton, it would no longer be facing an unbeaten machine.

I think if happened, it would be a big event, and would prove to be very profitable for many people, as well as exciting for the fans.