How You Can Train At Mayweather’s Gym

If you’d like to train at Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas, you can. In this EsNewsReporting video we tell you how.

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  1. kyrin bronson says:

    hi my name is kyrin bronson im a amateur fighter fighting out of philadelphia fight sports. im looking to train at your gym so i can become a complete boxer. if you get this message could you please contact me at 2152006292 thank you

  2. Fredric Bowen says:

    Im a young boxer who s looking for another coach…. My number is 731.226.5552. Could yu contact me, Please…

  3. Thomas Seddon says:

    is the gym welcome to public?

  4. Mr tavares michel says:

    hi i am michel from france .and i am boxing in paris united team WSB .and i am looking to train at your gym so i can becom a complete boxer. plz contact me at 0033612852014 & JACAILLE93@HOTMAIL.COM thanks i ill wate for your respons .thanks .

  5. otis warner says:

    Wat it is money may im a boxer but I wnt be a real boxer less I get to train with yu bra g Shit lol if yu get these messeges call me man Forreal 407-575-1643 bam

  6. Alan says:

    Hi my name is Alan im a amateur fighter! Im boxing in Swansea (Gwent Boxing Club) I was wondering if I can box in your gym so i can become better boxer! Contact me on my email!

    Thank you!

  7. THIS IS THE REAL Marcus Culpepper NBA me and my artist BIG E THA BOSS will love to join the mayweather team .IF ANYONE has the address please please contact me BIG E THA BOSS YOUTUBE ALL ON LETTER

  8. Danika Vaughn says:

    Hello my name is Danika and im in chicago. I was wondering what will it take for my young son to train at your gym. If you get my message can you please email me at I want to invest in my sons future! Thank you in advance!

  9. Donny Tierney says:

    What’s up I’m from st paul mn I’m looking for the money team to invest in my promoting shows here in mn. I work ten hour days I never get ahead and I also fight on top of it I’m 4 and 4 as a pro. I’ll never have enough money to do anything my cousin is joe Mauer that plays for the mn twins team and had no time to sit down to hear me out I know can get it done just have no money to do it I guess a donation and make it a write off for you and ill pay back every dollar on top of it if you even have the chance to read this you can call 651-338-4887 thank you ps you will never be beat!!!!

  10. ivan neal says:

    i would love to work with floyd. he’s the best counter puncher ever. the best period! i’ll be in las vegas next month and i will love to meet him and work out with him at his gym. if possible please contact me@ 3146425845 or 3143951556 thank you

  11. Tristan jean-Gilles says:

    I can’t wait to train at your gym to be surrounded by all the hard working boxers that are going to be the future I can only pray that i have the strength and courage to be amongst the money team I am from Canada and I relly love boxing I just can’t wait to see the way a complete boxer trains once I arrive.

  12. Maria Lira says:

    My name is Maria Lira from Wichita Kansas. I am writing you in regards to my son Tony Losey (152lb). Tony is 20 years old and wants to fulfill his lifelong dream and goal of becoming a professional boxer.
    Tony has been boxing as an amateur for almost 12 years now. He has been deeply devoted to this sport since the day he took it up. Tony has been to every tournament he can find, and if I recall he has made it to the Golden Glove National, but has not won at this level.
    Tony has been training at North Side Boxing Club w/ Coach Luis Hernandez at his side. Tony’s stats come out to you at 140 fights with 24 loses. I am a single mother trying to help my son to succeed in his dream, to become a professional boxer. Tony has recently traveled to Mesquite, Nevada for the Golden Gloves 2012 Championship, unfortunately Tony lost his 3rd fight, which he was upset about this loss, but has a very good sportsmanship manner, that he held his head up high, and his words were “next time”.
    Tony has struggled at times, he has gotten in some trouble with the law, and this has interfered with his accomplishment as a boxer. As a mother I want him to grasp at any and all opportunities to get out of this area and start over. He has never had a father figure in his life..well I take that back..His grandfather Benito has done the best that he could. Tony is a very intelligent person, polite, and a go getter, but at times he just afraid to take the next step. Financially we have struggled at getting Tony to where he needs to go, but somehow we always come through, special thanks to his coach, who has always been there for him.
    Every mother wants to see their children succeed, to open his wings and fly. I am no different, but I am not sure what the next steps are. Tony is not the type to ask for help or ask questions, he just keeps working hard and hoping everything will work out for him.
    As a mother if I don’t advocate for him, he will never get the exposure that I feel is well overdue.
    Could you please direct me in the right direction? It would be mean so very much to Tony and I. I have added a couple of links to Tony’s fights and a local profile if you like to see him in the ring.

    I want to say Thank you for taking the time to read my letter out of your busy schedule

    Thank you
    Maria Lira
    c/o Tony Losey
    2461 N. Hood
    Wichita, Kansas 67204
    316-300-1542 or 316-992-2029

  13. Jimmy Jackson says:

    I need to talk to your uncle roger, telephone number is-440/945-6730

  14. doretha love says:

    Aruel Love 114 fighter went to golden gloves out of cleveland ohio looking to relocate to los Las vagas to train at gym will pay room and board. 216 254-6008

  15. Alan Wilson says:

    Mayweathers i have been yearning to box my whole life ive been told by people ive never seen before that i look like a boxer because i am one i know i was baptized in the fire to fight. I think about it more than anything else in life i never had the oppurtunity to use my talents i always had to chance to use it the other way without it being glorified to a since. Alot of things in my life i come up short in but i know in my spirit this is not one of them. if i have to make sacrifice to be the best i Will to thumb it to get to vegas if that is the only way. call me 843 687 9790 any response would be valued to me thanks and im ready to hear from u guys.

  16. tanya says:


  17. Alan Wilson says:

    Mr. Money!! Mayweather watUp was up Mayweather team too,
    I jus want to speak off the tOp of my Head becaus e I luv to express myself at Hand and saying that I, as much as I yearn to step between them ropes its hard for me. Feel that the only Time Im tre;y Happy is only he rIng and doIng thInbgs for others but the only freedom ill have is to LIVE It Inthe RING!!! MY^ only mishap that causes me to stumble is my habits and the Fear of Success and Learning the VALUE of Succeeding. Messing Up BIG is a hard pILL two swallow. Only the proper gUidence WILL make Me StrivE. My lady freind son asked me a REaL LIFE question something i thought of and still do. Is this a Real person does this ife style really exist or is this make believe to entertain the mind of the people that never had the Cahonees to take a chance i life. Ill never be satisfied in my spirit in life no matter how successful ill be until i have the grounds in the ring to defend it like a battle ground because being nasty in the streets without air time doesnt do it justice without a roar of the crowd to applaud your trIUmphant performance. If I believe in the later reality Ill have my chance to meet you and your Family because my hangup is can I escape the present reality,, is it that im running with it when instead that I should run passed it in never look back??/

  18. Shannen Mccray says:

    I have been fighting for 12yrs and I have won three tournaments. And many state level tournaments I know if I had a chance to spare some of your fighters in your gym you will see that I have talent and skill to give to your gym. Give me a call or text 8163498919

  19. Brenda says:

    I would like to have the address of the Maywheater Gym in Vegas.

  20. america perez says:

    My name is Lynn Ferguson, my youngest daughter is really into boxing, she is nine. She trains in Denton Taxas @ jimenez Old School Boxing Gym. My husband and I were woundering what it would take to get her in to your gym for @ least a weeks worth of training with you personally! If you get this email please contact me at 940-442-9131.

    Thank you for a chance:
    Lynn Freguson / & America Perez

  21. Deontra Cromer says:

    My name is Deontra Cromer and ima a amaetuer boxer and i would like to box at your gym please u are my idol i watch all your videos everyday on youtube please call i would like to box at your gym my number is 803-665-7188 or u can call 803-297-3477

  22. roshawna wright says:

    My name roshawna wright am from cincinnati ohio my son box he started at 7 years old he 10 years old now 13-2 he won the ohio junior olympic he won the golden glove he in good shape he would love to come to summer training camp for kids to train in a different place to be in a different environment to learn from other kids from other states he also on youtube under fred benton if y’all have summer opening please call me 513-364-7385……..

  23. Danny Viciente says:

    Im an up coming boxer I’m 18 they say if you wana be the best you gota train like the best and I’m the best. I’m not leaving a comment so you can email me i plan on taking a break going out west to train at your gym see you their.

  24. Calvin Merritt says:

    I’m 15 and Im tellin u I’m fast all my life I wanted to be a boxer but I never could find a place to box I fight with my cuzzin and they be like u like to fight so much be a boxer and I will always say I will one day and I look up to u mr.mayweather I don’t look up to no other boxer because I want to be like u the greatest and the best so please email me back thanks sincerely Calvin Merritt

  25. kolmarge harris says:

    I looking for a good gym for my fight Coming from Lansing Michigan.I use to fight.

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