Hrunov Promotions Bids $23,233,330 for Povetkin vs. Klitschko for August, 2013
April 23, 2013 Boxing History

It appears as thought Vlad Hrunov of Hrunov Promotions, the manager of Alexander, Povetkin wants to promote Povetkin vs. Klitschko fight so bad, that he has made an official mind-blowing bid of $23,233,330.

Previously, K2 promotions had offered $7,130,000 to host the fight, while Sauerland Events offered only $6,014,444.

Based on recent information, the fight will either take place in Moscow, Berlin or Las Vegas on August 31st, and team Klitschko will walk away with 75% of the money pie, leaving team Povetkin with 25%. But that is the price one must pay to get a shot at the titles and an opportunity to face one of the most dominant heavyweight champions of this decade.

If you ask me, this sum should be well worth the fight for Wladimir, and I expect the details of the contract to be worked out and decided upon sometime soon. This fight has been talked about for too long, and now I think that Hrunov Promotions will finally make it a reality.

With this kind of a bid, very aggressive and unique promoting should be expected, with the hype going through the roof once it takes off. My only question is: can Hrunov actually make the money back and earn a profit? If the fight happens in Berlin or Moscow, maybe, but Las Vegas might not yield enough dollars for them to come out here for the fight.


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