“I feel the same way I did before my (2003) fight with Evander Holyfield,” Promises James Toney.

In a recent interview, James Toney promised that he is back to his old self, and is feeling better than he has in a long time.

“I’ve got the fire back and I feel great. I’m out to show the people that I’m still the best; that I always will be the best. A bigger fight will have to happen for me after I beat this guy, sooner or later. I want the sisters, Gaye – although he won’t come to the U.S for an ass whupping, he’ll stay away from me – and maybe Tarver, if he’s still a viable name. And I’d drop down in weight for Bernard Hopkins or a rematch with Lebedev. My injured leg beat me, not Lebedev. With me only having one leg, he should’ve KO’d me if he was any good,” stated Toney.

As always, Toney is a champion at making promises and offering hope. By saying this, I don’t mean to ridicule or humor him, as a matter of fact I am a big fan of his former abilities in the ring, but lately James has been struggling to look anything but sluggish.

Time is catching up with him, and as most athletes, he refuses to admit that his time in the sport of boxing is near its end. Just because he is James Toney, he will always be able to get a fight, but in the end, retiring without any permanent injures is the main goal.

Fighting either of the Klitschko brothers, or even David Haye, is asking for two things: a huge paycheck and an embarrassing loss. Both brothers would dominate the fight and cause unnecessary damage to Toney, as would David Haye. Lebedev is simply younger, and that will almost always guarantee him a win against the older Toney. As far as Hopkins goes, the fight is not viable in any way you look at it. There is nothing in it for Bernard; at lest not for now. Maybe in the future, when the sport of boxing is done with them, they can meet in the ring one more time and collect decent paychecks.

“I feel the same way I did before my (2003) fight with Evander Holyfield. Put it out there, I’m the real heavyweight champion and I’m the best heavyweight out there. It’s time to fight now,“ concluded Toney.

I am happy to see Toney in good spirits. His boxing skills are very impressive and unique, and he will always be a name talked about by the boxing community. We all know how boxing work: it takes one punch to end someone’s career, and whether you are on the wining or losing end of the punch, things can quickly.


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