“If Manny fights in December, he takes priority,” says Roach when discussing Amir Khan.

After all he drama surrounding Amir Khan and Freddie Roach, many people weren’t sure what the outcome would be, but after a recent interview with Roach, Freddie made it clear that Manny Pacquiao was, and always will be his priority over Khan.

Talking about Khan and his plans, Roach stated the following:

“I have not heard anything official from them. I heard they want to fight in December. No one has told me if I’m in or out. If Manny fights in December, he takes priority.”

I don’t expect anyone to be surprised with this statement, and in a way, I am glad that Roach said it the way he did. Amir is a great fighter with a huge potential, but is own emotions get in his way.

It seems as though he is blaming his loss to Garcia on everything but himself. It was not Freddie’s nor was it Pacquiao’s fault that Amir got caught. “Live and learn” should be the motto of the outcome of his loss, but instead, Amir aims to change everything in hopes of making something, what he himself doesn’t know, better.