Experts : Arturo Gatti Was Murdered, Not A Suicide

In 2009, former junior welterweight champion Artu Gatti’s death was ruled a suicide. However, now forensic experts say their 10 months investigation shows that he was murdered. Gatti, 37, was found dead in July of 2009 at an apartment in Brazil. At the time, investigators said Gatti hanged himself.

Meantime, a civil trial is underway in Montreal to see who get’s the fortune of the former boxer. Gatti’s wido, Amanda Rodrigues and the boxers family are involved in a dispute over his money. His fortune is estimated at $6 million.

According the the Associated Press, Amanda was the only person in the apartment at the time of Gatti’s death.

“If she was there alone, who committed the homicide?” said Paul Ciolino, a Chicago-based investigator hired by Lynch. “He was murdered because he had some dough. It’s the oldest motive in the world.”