Is Adrien Broner vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Feasible?

Recently there have been not only rumors but actual boxing videos where Adrien Broner claims that he would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez sometime soon. Many boxing fans even declare that Broner would have an easy night with Marquez, some suggesting a possible knockout.

First of all let me say that I am not even sure how authentic those rumors actually are, and whether Broner himself is honest about wanting to face Marquez.

Juan Manuel is slated to face Bradley, which is now happening in October rather than September due to Mayweather’s announcement that he will be facing Saul Alvarez in September at the MGM Grand.

There is always a landslide of opinions when it comes to fighters and their capabilities, but I think that most would agree on this one: Juan Manuel Marquez should be easily favored over absolutely any and all opponents excluding Mayweather Jr.

When it comes to Adrien Broner, a young hungry champion, who is putting on tremendous performances and creating a very promising future for himself as well as his fans, facing Marquez at this point in time would be a career suicide.

Marquez is simply too experienced and has too high of a ring I.Q. for Broner to hope a victory against. This may read like trash talking, but it is the farthest thing from that. While I would expect Marquez to not simply come out a winner but decisively dominate Broner in every single round, I still believe that Broner is a fighter who is here to stay.

Adrien’s competition has been good, but not yet great. After knocking out Pacquiao, Marquez is on the biggest hype, the climax of his entire career, and he is more dangerous than he ever was, and Bradley will get to experience that first hand in October.

There are many options for Broner, but looking past Malignaggi is not a very smart thing to do. Paulie is anything but a cake-walk, and despite his inability to throw knockout punches, his quickness makes up for it. Facing Paulie is an ideal choice for Adrien, but jumping from Malignaggi to Marquez would be a terrible decision.

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