Is Adrien Broner’s Arrest the Beginning Of Something More Destructive?

Adrien Broner got arrested? For a physical altercation? Are you surprised?

Truthfully, I am a little bit surprised that it happened so soon, but not that it actually took place. When superstars, whether movie or sports stars create and develop their “character,” most of them start believing that they are in actuality that person, and are allowed to do whatever they believe they are.

It happened to many boxers in history, but in the end the results were all the same: trouble with the law.

Broner is a very promising fighter, and is a cocky one as well. Thus, as his stardom is gaining more ground, he is becoming mouthier, and in turn feels entitled to do and say things that he chooses to say, even if out of place.

This arrest, if is escalated and true, may lead to not only jail time for the young champion, but could potentially ruin his entire career. Being out of the spotlight and away from the rowdy fans will certainly take his confidence down a notch, and we all know what that spells for a fighter.

This is a very bad way to start his career, with a lot more waiting for him if he keeps on winning in such a dominant fashion as he has been. Hopefully this arrest will not force Broner in front of a judge for a criminal offense, and Broner learns that since he is in the spotlight, every bad decision will come to light.

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