Is Alexander Povetkin Slowly Getting Under Wlad’s Skin?

Now that Alexander Povetkin (27-0-0) has gotten rid of Hasim Rahman via a second round TKO, Povetkin along with his team are boiling for a fight against Wladimir Klitschko sometime in 2013. And why wouldn’t they?

With such a solid record and a high knockout rate, most would imagine that they are ready for the challenge. Povetkin is a young and hungry champion, looking nowhere but forward, ready to take over the heavyweight scene as soon as possible. The best way to do that would no doubt be to beat the giant Ukrainian. The question is, are they truly ready? If you ask me, I would reply with a definite yes. At the same time, this would be a very high risk fight for the Russian champ.

Beating Rahman, Huck and Chagaev, in no way prepares you for a fight against Wladimir. Many have tried promising to send Wladimir to the canvas, but as their record dictated, this was hardly plausible. Povetkin is in the same boat as all the other ones. Having said that, I do think that he would be the best and most entertaining challenger to Wladimir at this time.

Meanwhile, Wladimir is focused on his training against this future foe Mariusz Wach, whom he is facing on November 10th, in Hamburg, Germany. Unfortunately Wladimir had no time to actually watch Povetkin’s fight, but according to a GorodokBoxing piece, he has commented on Povetkin’s win and his request to fight Wlad next:

“I didn’t watch the fight. I was informed about it later. So now team Povetkin will keep mentioning my name? Let them talk; free marketing had never hurt anyone.”

Is Wladimir getting annoying that Povetkin and his management keep pushing aggressively? What else are they supposed to say? Maybe something like this would be more to Wladimir’s liking: “We have beaten Hasim Rahman as promised. And now, we will lookfor another time wasting bout, as we are nowhere ready nor deserve to fight Wladimir.”

I assume that if Wladimir defeats Wach, a Povetkin fight would be a must, and will likely come thought and be made for sometime mid 2013.