Is Broner Ready For Bradley? Should He Respect Bradley?

While there is little doubt that Adrien Broner is a very talented fighter with a bright future in the sport of boxing, many boxing fans are not yet sold on the cocky smooth talking champion.

In this video, Broner shows some respect towards various fighter, mostly himself of course, but he repeatedly says “who, who, who,” when Timothy Bradley gets mentioned.

Borner’s next supposed opponent Paulie Malignaggi, is a young champion looking to elevate his own career by beating Broner, and I think that Paulie will be a very interesting  challenge for Broner.

Because Paulie is a weak puncher while Broner is a knockout artist, I assume that team Malignaggi will use their speed to accumulate points, while staying away from Broner. Paulie is much quicker than Broner, and I believe that he can win this fight on points.

Of course most people see Broner dominating in this match-up, and aside from my own opinion, this is a very likely outcome. So who will Broner aim for after?

Hopefully, Broner’s mouth will earn him a fight against Timothy Bradley, who will on Saturday be facing Ruslan Provodnikov (22-1-0) at the Home Depot Center in California.

If Bradley wins, the fight against Broner must be pursued. Since Broner has previously mentioned that he wants a fight against Pacquiao, it would only make sense for him to prove that he can hang in there with the bigger and more experienced fighters, like Bradley.

Broner is already a big name in boxing, and can already generate enough hype to sell the fights. And Bradley, despite suffering from the lack of respect for beating Pacquiao, is still a big name with a solid record.

I would love to see them fight, and would most certainly expect Bradley to dominate the fight and come out with a clear victory on points. Surprised?

Broner is a young lion, while Bradley is also a fairly young lion with more experience and a higher ring I.Q. I think that the fight would have absolutely no issues in selling and would be welcomed by most of the boxing fans.

Would you want that fight to be made?


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