Is Lucian Bute Amoung The P4P Kings?
March 20, 2011 Boxing News

Lucian Bute packs stadiums in Canada every time he fights. In this EsNewsReporting video, we want to know who do you think Bute should fight next, and do you think he’s a great fighter.



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  2. Lucian Bute is he great? should he be listed in the p4p catergory? NO to both questions not yet!, but he is on the right track to attain both distictions and honors. The thing that i am most impressed with in Bute is his terrific boxing and counter punching abilitys and his relaxed workmen like way he goes about the business of defeating his opponents, and i am sure over the next year to 18m as he progresses over a higher level of opponents he can then start to be listed in the p4p catergory and become a big noise and player on boxings world stage and if he contines for a couple of more years defeating the best in the boxing business he can be talked about as an all time great Lucian Bute is on his way to achiveing p4p honors but all time great? way to early yet for that to be seriously considered.

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