Is Marquez’ storm too big for Bradley – By Brandon Zertuche

Marquez’ storm too big for Bradley

The clouds are rolling in, and the desert is waiting the impending storm. Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (30-0-1) of Indio, Ca., is scheduled to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in October of this year.

But the only thing about this fight that makes one salivate is the possible light coming at the end of the very uneventful “storm”. The truth is that Bradley hasn’t lived up to fights fans expectations as a true champion just yet. To be the best you need to beat the best convincingly.

That has yet to happen. Against Marquez, Bradley’s self proclaimed heart and determination will be put to the ultimate test. Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1) of Ciudad de Mexico, D.F. is a true champion, and has beaten the best convincingly. Ask Manny.

The last fight between the two fighters came to a brutal conclusion, leaving many to watch in horror as the great Manny Paquiao lay unconscious.

Although Marquez’s record is not unblemished and has visited the canvas, his ring generalship and superb defensive skills have made him one of boxings elite fighters for many years. If Bradley thinks he is signing up for a walk in the park, he may be the one on a leash.

The two fighters styles makes for a wonderful matchup. Bradley is often times more willing to run, and play defense. But against Marquez, I believe that he will have to stand and trade blows. Fortunately for us fans, Marquez is willing and able. This fight will allow boxing fans the opportunity to see if Bradley is truly capable of beating an elite fighter, not winning by any questionable decision.

The task of managing to out box a calculating precision boxer, is going to be a futile task for Bradley. So much so that I believe the fight will have to be stopped. Marquez has made physical improvements, which has made his punch sting quite a bit more than it has before. However, let’s not forget Bradley’s impeccable physical shape, and conditioning either.

These two fighters are primed and roaring to have at each other. But in the end it will be the veteran Marquez who comes out of the storm unscathed.