Is This The End Of Ricky Hatton? Absolutely Not!

After his loss to Vyacheslav Senchenko, ‘The Hitman’ stated that it was the end of Ricky Hatton. He concluded that it was his intention to see whether he was still competitive in the game and had what it takes to fight the way he used to, but alas this was not the case.

Hatton’s loss was disappointing not only to the millions of British fans, but to boxing fans across the world. With a record of 45-3-0, and with victories over such fighters as Kostya Tsazyu, Jose Luis Castillo, Juan Lazcano and Pauli Malignaggi, Hatton’s career is a sure success. With his exciting aggressive style, and his friendly and entertaining attitude outside of the ring, Hatton made it easy to love his character and become his loyal fan.

Losing to two of the best fighter of his time (Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao) is noting to be ashamed of, and truth be told, something to marvel about. Sure he lost both times, but the fact is, Hatton actually got the respect and the love to have the  opportunity to face them both, which many fighter will never have.

If you ask me, I think Hatton did everything right as far as his boxing career is concerned.

There is one thing that I would argue with him against though: I do not believe that this is the end of Ricky Hatton at all. It may be the end of Ricky Hatton the active fighter, but it certainly is far from being the end of days of fame and respect for the former champ.

While there are a ton of things (write an autobiography for example) he can dedicate his life to, one thing he will always have, and should certainly pursue, is his knowledge of boxing and his experience in its psychological dangers and demands.

In other words: Ricky Hatton should try becoming a full time boxing trainer. I know that he is a promoter, but it is not a natural choice for a warrior like him. I feel he has the fire and the drive to provide young champions with the necessary tools and confidence to go farther.

There is no end to Ricky Hatton, as long as he wants to be around. As far as us, the boxing fans, we will support Ricky in his ambitions, as long as he stays positive and healthy.


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